Addition to the department of communication to benefit entire campus

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WCTV, Waynesburg University's television station, has recently undergone improvements that will allow for better broadcasting to the campus and community. The re-designed and newly renovated television studio will not only improve the quality of University productions and student experience, but also the potential for Univeristy recruitment.

Casey Zell, a senior electronic media student and producer of the Greene Room, a WCTV production, knows that she made the right decision to attend Waynesburg University because of the hands-on experience she gained immediately as a freshman.

That hands-on experience will culminate this year when she steps foot into a completely remodeled television studio.

“A brand new set, combined with ample opportunities to gain real world experience, is the perfect platform for anyone interested in television production,” Zell said. “Having a new set will help attract prospective students, because we can now offer something that we never could before.”

Bill Molzon, assistant professor of communication and director of TV Operations at Waynesburg University, led the project since its contracting in summer 2011. Molzon hired FX Group, a design company specializing in broadcast TV set design, sports, weather and entertainment scenery and lighting design, to develop the station's new aesthetic.

“The goal and challenge was to create an illusion of depth because TV is so two-dimensional,” Molzon said. “The design also had to be very flexible for our different shows.”

This flexibility included the design and purchase of three graphic panels meant to rotate as back drops for the station's three student-produced shows: Live at Five, Jacket Sports Weekly and the Greene Room. The revamped station also includes new lighting instruments that will create texture and depth for the set.

“Our department has been very blessed to work with so closely with the [University's] senior administration on this project,” Richard Krause, chair of the department of communication said. “The University's continued support of this project will greatly benefit the students' experience.”

The department of communication supplemented the University's gift of a remodeled set, flat screen televisions and advanced lighting technology, with two new television cameras to record the broadcasts of communication students. Zell believes that the new studio will benefit her work as well as the department of communication.

“The shows we produce and the content we put on the air is the product of everything we have learned through our classes and experience; it's how we market ourselves to future employers through things like our demo reels and resumes,” Zell said. “The visual quality of our productions is extremely important, because our work represents who we are and we represent the department.”

The department anticipates that, in addition to benefiting current broadcast and electronic media students, the new studio will intrigue prospective students and will open more opportunities for recruitment techniques.

“This is a new instructional resource for our students as well as a vehicle to promote the entire institution,” Molzon said. “Shows filmed in the new studio can be used for the University's website content and social media websites like YouTube.”

As a result of the remodeling and a partnership with a live streaming company, the department of communication will now be able to stream some of the studio productions live on the Internet as well as archive videos for prospective students to watch on demand. The on demand feature will allow viewers to watch archived episodes of the finished and edited studio productions.

Molzon looks forward to the opportunities that his broadcast and electronic media students will have as a result of the new set and the new streaming technology. He especially awaits the conclusion of the project, expected by the end of February 2012, for the current students' sake.

“We have such a great caliber of students and they are really deserving of a new set for their shows,” Molzon said. “With the new studio, they can truly showcase what they have learned at Waynesburg University, and that footage will show the quality of our program.”