b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_9475.jpgWaynesburg University held its annual commencement exercises honoring approximately 600 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students Sunday, May 18. Laura E. Ellsworth, a partner at Jones Day and vice chair of the board of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, delivered the commencement address.

Alyssa Brooke Crile, an early childhood education major from Washington, Pa., was named one of five valedictorians of her class. She is the daughter of Scott Crile of Waynesburg and Lisa Hegedus and stepfather Gary Hegedus of Washington.

“Serving as one of the valedictorians of Waynesburg University's Class of 2014 is a great honor,” Crile said. “Waynesburg has prepared me for a life as an educator. All of the skills and strategies that I have gained from Waynesburg will help me to pursue my career. I will always be learning something new as I continue in my profession, but Waynesburg helped me to grow and continued to foster my passion for education.”

As a student, Crile was a member and treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society in Education. As a member of this honor society, she traveled to the National Conference in Dallas, Texas, in the fall of 2013.  She also tutored at Kids' Cafe in West Waynesburg and was a member of DRUS Womens' Honorary Society.

Crile is actively seeking an elementary teaching position in a district that encourages growth, teamwork and a passion for helping students to succeed. In the meantime, she will be substituting in Allegheny, Greene and Washington counties.

The 2014 Valedictorians include:

  • Kaitlyn Grace Berkebile, an early childhood education major from Friedens, Pa.
  • Alyssa Brooke Crile, an early childhood education major from Washington, Pa.
  • Daniel Vincent Czajkowski, a criminal justice administration major from Frederick, Md.
  • Corin Rae Schipani, a digital design major from Duquesne, Pa.
  • Hannah Michelle Szymanik, an early childhood education major from Mount Holly Springs, Pa.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_WU-Spring.jpgWaynesburg University has been selected as one of “The 50 Most Beautiful Christian College & University Campuses in the World” by the editors of ChristianUniversitiesOnline.org.

The schools on the list were chosen from a global pool of Christian colleges and universities that were considered broadly evangelical in their theological outlook and were known to the editors of ChristianUniversitiesOnline.org.

Ranked at number 22, Waynesburg University’s historic campus spans 70 acres and is nestled in the foothills of southwestern Pennsylvania, with three adult centers located in the Pittsburgh region. To view photos of the University’s campus, visit www.flickr.com/photos/waynesburgu/sets/72157628705221821/.

“Known for its close proximity to four city parks, Waynesburg University makes it easy for students to enjoy nature in the southwestern Pennsylvania foothills,” the ranking stated. “The University has managed to balance its exemplary historical edifices and unspoiled rural surroundings with modern facilities as well.”

According to the editors, the list was put together as an aid for prospective students looking for a Christian school where their quest for truth will be enhanced by truly beautiful surroundings.

“Many universities and colleges across the globe provide both high-quality education and a thorough devotion to Christian principles,” the ChristianUniversitiesOnline.org article stated. “However, some institutions associated with the teachings of Jesus excel not only academically and spiritually, but also aesthetically – boasting some of the loveliest looking campuses anywhere on Earth.”

In 2013, ChristianUniversitiesOnline.org named Waynesburg University one of the most beautiful Christian colleges in America. All of the schools included on the domestic list were members or affiliates of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

For more information, visit www.christianuniversitiesonline.org/most-beautiful-christian-universities-in-the-world.

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Transfer students, high school students and their families are invited to Waynesburg University’s summer Visitation Days Saturday, June 28, and Friday, July 18.

Registration in Roberts Chapel begins at 8:30 a.m. both days. After check-in, students have the opportunity to take a tour of the campus, meet with faculty and staff in their elected majors, learn about admissions and financial aid and enjoy lunch in Benedum Dining Hall.

“Visitation Days are designed to provide students a very informative day,” said Kari Calvario, admissions counselor at Waynesburg University. “They will hear from President Lee, have a chance to meet Student Services staff and representatives from student groups, tour the campus and attend a student panel.”

Approximately 2,500 students are currently enrolled in Waynesburg University’s doctoral, graduate and undergraduate programs. More than 70 academic concentrations are offered at the University, which maintains its status as one of the least expensive private institutions in Pennsylvania.

In addition to rigorous academics, service is at the forefront of a Waynesburg University education. Students annually contribute more than 50,000 hours of service, working with more than 50 local, regional, domestic and international partners. University students have the opportunity to choose from approximately 15 annual domestic and international service trips offered during fall, winter and spring breaks.

For more information or to register for a spring visitation day, call 1-800-225-7393.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Peduto.jpgWaynesburg University’s Stover Scholars met with Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, Federal District Judge Mark Hornak, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas Flaherty, First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh Senior Pastor Tom Hall, and visited the Imani Christian Academy on Friday April 25, 2014.

“This event-filled day provided the Stover Scholars the opportunity to interact with Pittsburgh’s executive, judicial, religious, and educational leaders and witness their innovative and creative attributes,” commented Dr. Lawrence M. Stratton, Director of Waynesburg University’s Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership.

Mayor Peduto gave the Stover Scholars a tour of Pittsburgh’s mayoral suite and the city council meeting room and laid out his vision for Pittsburgh’s future. 

“From having 19 years of experience as a councilman, Mayor Bill Peduto impressed me greatly with his aptitude and appreciation of Pittsburgh’s great history, along with his vision to revitalize the city as well,” reflected freshman John Wicker.  Senior Daniel Czajkowski stated, “Regardless of whether one is Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, Mayor Peduto’s enthusiasm for public service in the city of Pittsburgh is undeniable. We are grateful for his willingness to meet with us and appreciate not only his deep understanding of Pittsburgh’s history, but also his passion for charting its future.”

b2ap3_thumbnail_Flaherty.jpgJudges Hornak and Flaherty both provided insights into the operation of American legal system in the quest for justice.

Paige Carter, a freshman scholar noted, “Judges Hornak and Flaherty showed a humanity I wasn’t expecting; they mentioned how their losses have granted them humility that spurred them to become the great men they are today.  Being able to see the different levels and dynamics of government makes law feel much more attainable.”

The students also toured the Imani Christian Academy and heard the school’s principal, Terri L. Ayers, discuss the inner-city school’s determination to help students discern their own divinely inspired purpose. 

Junior Stover Scholar Jeremy Hinkle commented, “The Imani Christian Academy takes in students who are often in unfortunate circumstances and provides the love and care these students need to grow and thrive.  With the presence of loving staff and the love of God in their lives, these students are able to realize their inner potential and discover the purpose that they are being called to in life.”

b2ap3_thumbnail_Hornak.jpgThe Senior Stover Scholars were then honored at a Duquesne Club Dinner, which featured an address by Rev. Hall who reflected upon his pilgrimage of faith from his thirty-year career as an Air Force Colonel before becoming a Presbyterian minister.   The graduating seniors honored at the dinner were: Chase S. Ayers, Daniel G. Buzzard, Daniel V. Czajkowski, Patrick C. Kopas, and Mollie K. Pugh. 

Reflecting upon the trip, freshman Andrew Stanko observed, “The Stover trip was an opportunity to meet really influential, engaging and talented individuals who shape the Pittsburgh area.  It was a chance to place faces with names in local politics and judicial proceedings, and each offered different insights on topics like losing, knowing your history, taking advantage of opportunities, and learning from those talented individuals around you.”  Stover Scholar Gina Robinson remarked, “Going to Pittsburgh was such a privilege for me.  It was immensely interesting to take a day to hear the ideas of leaders within my community.”

The Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is a unique Waynesburg University program dedicated to transforming the political sphere in the context of Christian Ethics and American constitutionalism.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_lacount.jpgOne Waynesburg University faculty member was honored with the title of professor emeritus and three others received the University’s 2014 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Awards during the University’s Chapel Service in Roberts Chapel Tuesday, April 29.

On behalf of the University, President Douglas G. Lee conferred upon Dr. Robert LaCount, professor of chemistry, the title of professor emeritus. LaCount retired from his full-time position in August 2013. He joined the University in 1965, and during his 49 years of service to the University, he eagerly incorporated the education of Waynesburg University students into his groundbreaking research.

The Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Awards are awarded annually. One recognizes a faculty member with a history of teaching excellence. A second award recognizes a faculty member with a relatively recent history of teaching excellence, and the third award is given to a non-full-time faculty member at any Waynesburg University site.

Dr. Gordon McClung, professor of marketing and chair of the University’s Department of Business Administration, received the 2014 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Award for a faculty member with a history of teaching excellence.

A colleague stated, “Although a tough professor, the students have nothing but respect for Dr. McClung. He understands all aspects of business and incorporates real-life scenarios into class room learnings whenever possible.” Additionally, the nomination stated, “Dr. McClung empowers his faculty members. He wants each of us to be successful and will take whatever means necessary to help us be successful.”

Another nomination noted that Gordon has “dedicated an inordinate amount of time to both the University and his students.”

McClung, who joined the University in 2007, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh as well as a bachelor of science in business administration and a master of business administration from West Virginia University.

Dr. Chad Sherman, assistant professor of communication, received the 2014 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Award for a faculty member with a relatively recent history of teaching excellence.

A student nomination stated, “In class, he has great patience with his students, teaches the material in a relatable manner and maintains a fun learning environment. When not in class, I have seen numerous occasions when he stays later than scheduled to help a student with a photography or design concept.”

b2ap3_thumbnail_Hathaway.jpgAnother nomination said, “Let us not forget how Dr. Sherman stays consistent with the school’s passion for service, going on multiple mission trips with the school. He has a passion for everything he does and exhibits the character of Christ.”

Sherman also serves as the advisor of Lambda Pi Eta, an honor society for communication students.

He joined the University in 2011 and holds a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a Ph. D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Carol Guthrie received the 2014 Lucas-Hathaway Teaching Excellence Award for a non-full-time faculty member. Guthrie is a lecturer of mathematics.

“Carol has consistently shown a genuine love and dedication to teaching,” a colleague stated. “She always has current and former students in her office being tutored.”

A student nomination noted, “She doesn’t just teach the book, the mundane lessons and the repetitive formulas, she engages her students and pushes them to better understand math.” 

The nomination continued, “She has made a difference in the teaching climate of Waynesburg by simply showing her passion for what she does. You can clearly see the love she has not only for math, but for her students each and every day she teaches.”

Guthrie joined the University in 2009 and holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master of education in mathematics and computer science from California University of Pennsylvania.

The Lucas-Hathaway Charitable Trust has established an endowed fund that provides two annual teaching excellence awards for full-time faculty members and one award for a part-time faculty member. Faculty members were nominated by students, faculty or alumni. Each recipient of the Lucas-Hathaway Award for Teaching Excellence received a commemorative plaque and a $1,200 award. The Trust is funded by J. Richard Lucas and C. Joan Hathaway Lucas, members of the class of 1950.

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