Hackett, Purves, Thyreen receive honorary doctorates

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Mrs. Carolyn Thyreen, wife of Waynesburg University President Timothy R. Thyreen; Mr. Robert Hackett, president of the Bonner Foundation; and the Rev. Dr. Andrew Purves, professor of reformed theology at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, were awarded honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degrees during Waynesburg University's commencement exercises Sunday, May 19.

The degrees were conferred upon Thyreen, Purves and Hackett for the ways in which they parallel Waynesburg University's mission of faith, learning and serving.

Members of the Waynesburg University Board of Trustees presented the recipients and assisted with investitures.

The following citations were read:

Mrs. Carolyn Thyreen

 MG 8444Carolyn Thyreen, in recognition of your leadership as Waynesburg University's First Lady for twenty-three years, Waynesburg University honors you.

Your dedication to Waynesburg University's founding mission of 1849 at the forefront of the University's manifold endeavors has been an inspiration for a generation of students, alumni, faculty, administrators, staff, Trustees and friends of the University.

Along with President Timothy R. Thyreen, you have demonstrated that an institution in our secular age is capable, with steady faith and determination, to reclaim its Christian heritage. You have thus advanced Christ's kingdom.

You have carried the light of The Lamp to every corner of the world as an ambassador of your faith in God and your conviction to the principles upon which this University was founded.

Providing strong gentle counsel, wisdom, and encouragement to countless individuals throughout the University's extended family, you have earned gratitude and respect for your personal integrity, loyalty and devotion to missions.

As our own Margaret Bell Miller was described as “a lady of extraordinary earnestness and devotion,” it is with the same appreciation and admiration that we recognize you, Carolyn Thyreen, as a compassionate and influential role model. Yours is a legacy that will endure beyond our time.

For the warmth of your personality, your love for all of God's children, and your dedication to the principles of faith, learning, and service, it is with our highest honor that we confer upon you our degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

Mr. Robert Hackett

Robert Hackett, in recognition of your steadfast commitment to the ideals of the Bonner Foundation and all of the students you continue to encourage and inspire, Waynesburg University honors you.

As evidenced by your admirable involvement with policies and programs for young people around the globe, you care deeply about the future of this nation. Your passion for enacting positive change in communities across the country has inspired thousands of servant leaders.
For more than two decades, you have created and encouraged service initiatives that not only build character and faith in contemporary student leaders, but also impart true relief to those in need.

Through your leadership of the Bonner Foundation, a generation of young leaders has become vital players in society by nurturing thoughtful, caring, and strategic public service while promoting the University's founding mission of faith, learning, and serving.

For your breathtaking vision of a nation united by service and for your enduring commitment to colleges and universities across the country, we are pleased to recognize you.

For the ways in which you have illuminated young minds to the rewards of selfless service, it is with great honor that we confer upon you our degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

Rev. Dr. Andrew Purves

Andrew Purves, in recognition of your unwavering commitment to the Christian faith and to all those you so diligently serve and teach, Waynesburg University honors you.

Your steadfast dedication to the Christ-centered renewal of the Church has set you apart as an inspirational leader and dedicated role model, and your distinct contributions have influenced countless individuals throughout the world while simultaneously advancing Christ's kingdom.

You are a man of God, and your walk in faith inspires others to understand Christ's love. Your concise theological insights engage and enlighten a new generation of leaders.

Your resolute vow to the ministry is apparent through your selflessness and the energy and enthusiasm exuded through your daily choices. Your personal commitment to education, mentorship, and scholarship reflects your profound example of expounding God's "word with boldness" so that all nations might "cleave" to His truth.

For the impact you make through your work as a passionate educator, we commend you. For your personal credo as it relates to igniting theological and spiritual renewal, we are pleased to recognize you.

For the ways in which you parallel Waynesburg University's mission of faith, learning and serving, it is with great honor that we confer upon you our degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

Pictured in the second photo, left to right, are Waynesburg University President Timothy R. Thyreen, Mr. Robert Hackett, Rev. Dr. Andrew Purves, Mrs. Carolyn Thyreen and Rev. Dr. R. Bruce Bickel, who delivered the Commencement address.

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