Top 10 Things to Bring for Your College Dorm Room

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Waynesburg University Dorm Room

Exactly one month from today, all of you new Waynesburg University students out there will be moving into your dorms to begin the next chapter in your lives. I'm sure there's plenty for you all to do before orientation starts Aug. 24, and that includes lining up all the items needed for your dorm room. Below are the top 10 bigger-ticket items you may want to think about getting your hands on…

10. Nightstand. It doesn't have to be your traditional wooden nightstand or anything too elaborate; heck, it could be a cardboard box you top bunk people hang from the ceiling. But whatever the case, it helps to have something to put your cell phone, alarm clock and/or whatever else you won't want to climb out of bed to grab.

9. Mattress pad. This isn't a must because the mattresses provided are already pretty comfortable on their own. You will be here for a good eight months out of the year, though, so a little extra cushion to sleep on sure wouldn't hurt.

8. Surge protector, extension cord(s), Ethernet cable and longer cable cord. These will give you the opportunity to set up anything electronic anywhere throughout the room. And it allows you to rearrange whenever you want throughout the year. (Just a heads up...extension cords do need to be UL approved.)

7. Fan. School starts in August and ends in May, so the first and last few weeks can be a bit toasty. With no A/C in the traditional dorms, especially if you're living on the higher floors, a fan can help you beat the heat.

6. Carpet. Tile can be a little chilly on the bare feet, so having a carpet combats that. Plus, it makes it more comfortable to lounge on the floor. And in this same category, you may even want to think about a small mat or piece of carpet right by the door where you can put your shoes or wipe them off after coming in from the rain, snow or mud.

5. Lamp. Sometimes the overhead light can just be too much, especially if you have to wake up for an 8 a.m. Whether it's big or small, some sort of alternative lighting is always nice to have.

4. DVD player and/or gaming system. There are plenty of times you'll want to just sit down and watch a flick with friends, so you need something to watch said movies on. And whether you're all about Mario Kart, Madden, NHL or CoD, it's nice to have some type of gaming system to take advantage of in your free time.

3. TV. Well, if you heed my advice from No. 4, you'll need a TV to watch your movies and play your video games on, so it makes this an easy one. Plus, WU provides cable in all the dorms, so you might as well take advantage of that!

2. Fridge and microwave. Snacks and drinks are a MUST, and you have to keep them and heat them up in something. Whether you sleep through breakfast, nap through dinner, or are just hungry late at night, it's always nice to have a cold drink and some Easy Mac handy in your room. (Another heads up...refrigerators should say two cubic feet or less, while microwaves have to be 900 watts or less.)

1. Computer. There are plenty of computer labs on campus that you can utilize, but you can't beat the convenience of having one right there in your room. I'd certainly recommend a laptop, but a desktop isn't completely obsolete yet, so it'd work too. With e-mails to check, papers to write and, of course, Facebook to check, a student's need for a computer makes it simple to name this the No. 1 item needed for your traditional dorm room.

In two weeks, I'll give you a list of lesser-thought-of items that may come in handy as a student at WU. But that's for another time, another post! Until then, happy shopping!

P.S. If you need one more look at the dorms before arriving on campus, remember you can check out our virtual tour online at

Dave Floyd is an Admissions Counselor at Waynesburg University, whose travel territory includes Westmoreland County, Eastern Pennsylvania and the Northeast states. He is also a 2012 Waynesburg alumnus.