Top 10 Things to Have Before Heading to College

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WU students walking

It's almost that time.

Today's date is Aug. 8, and that means all of you incoming Waynesburg University students report to campus in less than two and a half weeks! Everybody here at WU is anxiously awaiting your arrival, but we're sure there's plenty you still need to get done before orientation begins Aug. 24. So here's something that may help you out.

This is a list of the top 10 must haves for your college experience. A couple of weeks back, I provided you with what you'll need for your dorm room. These, on the other hand, are items you may utilize in a variety of places, whether it's down the hall, across campus or even miles away on a spontaneous road trip.

Check ‘em out…

10. iPod. These days, it's rare to walk across campus and not see students with their Beats on or earbuds in. Good for walking to class, working out at the fitness center or just jammin' in your dorm room, an iPod can keep the tunes playing 24/7.

9. Water bottle or travel mug. Whatever beverage you choose to stay hydrated or awake—be it cold or hot—having something to carry said drink in all day is key. And a tip if you're looking to make a purchase: if it clips onto your bag of choice, it's a definite bonus!

8. Shower caddy and flip flops. For at least your first year at Waynesburg, you'll be using the community bathrooms in the traditional residence halls. Thus, you want something in which to carry all your toiletries. And if you're not a fan of making the trek down the hall in your bare feet, flip flops it is.

7. Rain jacket or umbrella. As much as I'd love to tell you it's always 75 and sunny at WU, unfortunately, that's not always the case. So if you're not trying to get drenched walking to class, something to protect you from the rain is a must.

6. ID card holder and lanyard. You'll need your ID card to eat, get into the fitness center and enter your dorm room, so you'll be carrying it around just about everywhere. These two items will help you remember to always take it with you. Plus, it'll give you something to put your mailbox key on, as well as other personal keys like car keys.

5. Hoodie (and sweatpants). Let's face it, you're probably not tryin' to look extra dapper or checkin' the weather before your 8 a.m., so if you can just throw on a hoodie and sweats, you'll be good to go! And the real goal is also accomplished with this strategy: maximum comfort.

4. Backpack and/or drawstring bag(s). As a college student, you'll be heading from class, to the dining hall, back to class and then off to another activity. It's a pain to have to keep running back to your dorm, so you need something to carry everything around in. A backpack's good for when you're gone for a while, a drawstring bag works if you just have one class to go to, and yes, ladies, a purse will do just fine, as well.

3. Pop-Tarts, Easy Mac, Ramen and more! While the dining hall and Beehive will keep you well fed, it's inevitable that you'll get a case of the munchies here and there. Pick out a few of your favorite snacks, and keep them in your dorm room. Just beware of that freshman 15!

2. Cell phone and charger. This may seem like a no-brainer for some, but it'd be hard to make this type of list and not include these two items. You want to be able to keep in touch with family, text your friends, and if you have a smart phone, take care of all kinds of stuff. And don't forget your charger, especially if home is hours from Waynesburg.

1. Bible. “Faith, learning and serving” is a motto that means a lot to us here at Waynesburg, and there's a reason for the order of that trio. We want you to have the opportunity to develop your faith in a multitude of ways during your time at Waynesburg, and that makes God's Word the No. 1 item on your packing list!

Like I said earlier, time is a tickin'. It'll be move-in day before you know it, so if you're missing a few of the key items on this list, it may be time for a shopping trip! Waynesburg's bookstore may be the perfect place to look for some of these college must haves.

And we'll see you all in just a few short weeks!

Dave Floyd is an Admissions Counselor at Waynesburg University, whose travel territory includes Westmoreland County, Eastern Pennsylvania and the Northeast states. He is also a 2012 Waynesburg alumnus.