Top 5 places to enjoy the weather around Waynesburg University

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Guitar by fountain

Today's weather forecast: sunny and mid-80s. Beautiful day! Walking through the parks this morning, I was thinking about all the things you can do on a day like today within just a one-hour radius of Waynesburg University. So many options!

Below are the top five places to be around Waynesburg when the weather's nice. Freshmen, take note!

5. On a riverside trail. Whether you prefer to walk, run or bike, there are plenty of trails nearby that gently wind along a scenic waterway. The Greene River Trail starts at Green Cove and follows Ten Mile Creek for a bit before coming alongside the Monongahela River. The trail includes a section that runs through Rices Landing, where a few local places afford the opportunity for a brief respite and quick bite to eat. Chances to enjoy the waterfront views also follow the mighty Mon south into West Virginia, where multiple trails exist in and around the Morgantown area. For maps or more information on some of these trails, try this link:

4. Exploring the town of Waynesburg. Spend your morning perusing High Street, maybe stopping by Waynesburg Press for a refreshing iced latte. (View the Waynesburg Press menu here: Then, when afternoon comes and it starts to heat up, head over to the Alpha Aquatic Center—more commonly known as the Waynesburg Waterpark—and hit the pool!

3. Pittsburgh. Located just an hour north of Waynesburg, America's most livable city (according to provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy a nice day. Ride the incline up to scenic Mount Washington; dine al fresco downtown in Market Square (Primanti's recommended); or if you're lucky, catch a Pirates game at PNC Park, considered one of Major League Baseball's best stadiums. (And the Buccos are still in that playoff race, too! …knock on wood.) Check out to find out what's happening dahntahn (For you out-of-towners, that's Pittsburghese for downtown.) this weekend.

Whitewater rafting2. Coopers Rock or the Laurel Highlands. You can go south or east, and either way, you'll run into the Appalachian Mountains. Head south on Interstate-79, then hit I-68, and take that to Coopers Rock State Forest. There, you'll find some great views and an awesome spot to hike, boulder and rock climb. Travel east instead, and you'll hit the Laurel Highlands. Eight state parks, an amusement/water park and even famous architecture are just a sampling of what the area has to offer. Explore it further by clicking here:

1. On campus at Waynesburg University! That's right; the best place to enjoy the nice weather is right on campus! Find some shade and study up, throw the Frisbee around Johnson Commons, play some music on the steps of Roberts Chapel, and the list goes on. No link here; just find some friends, get out there, and enjoy!

Dave Floyd is an Admissions Counselor at Waynesburg University, whose travel territory includes Westmoreland County, Eastern Pennsylvania and the Northeast states. He is also a 2012 Waynesburg alumnus.