Weekly Scripture Readings August 29, 2012

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About the Holy Spirit…making the life of a Jesus-follower joyously risky! This week in chapel, Rev. Wilson challenged us to consider carefully our identity in Jesus Christ. Preaching on Acts 4, Rev. Wilson reminded us of Peter's and John's Spirit-induced boldness. Having witnessed the cross, the resurrection, the ascension, and having been set on fire by the Spirit, how could they do otherwise than proclaim boldly of the power by which the broken are healed.

Once again, to pray, “Come Holy Spirit,” is risky business – the powers and patterns of this world, including those who claim to speak for the religious establishment (see Acts 4:5-7, rulers, elders, scribes, High Priest, etc.), take not kindly to the unpredictable and uncontrollable Spirit who heals, and transforms and convicts and makes new. Consider these passages that capture the flow of the book of Acts – commonly known as the Acts of the Apostles, but more aptly characterized as the Acts of the Holy Spirit! What might it look like for this same Spirit to be set loose on our University? (To be continued!)

Acts 1:1-11
Acts 2:1-13
Acts 2:29-47
Acts 4:23-37
Acts 5:1-11
Acts 6:8-15
Acts 7:48-8:1

Tom Ribar is the Waynesburg University Chaplain. He received his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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