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Waynesburg University By the Numbers

To get more information about Waynesburg Unversity download our Campus Profile Packet.

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Mike Maleski came to Waynesburg more than twenty years ago with dreams of being Bob Costas in the sports announcing booth. Searching for a hands-on education, he left Cleveland, Ohio, and found a new dream as a communication major at Waynesburg University.


Now, as vice president of Digital Sales, Marketing and Operations for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Maleski works with the online revenue stream. Joining the team in 2008, he has made the Cavaliers a top five staple in the National Basketball Association for fan engagement, traffic and revenue. His work has created best practices models that other teams in the NBA have duplicated.


Maleski attributes his adaptability and success to his education.


“Waynesburg prepared me well for the real world,” Maleski said. “The University gave me the know-how to adjust and adapt. Waynesburg helped me to strive for more, and it gave me the experiences I needed to develop a strong set of personal and professional values.”


With a personal goal of being the best at whatever he did, Maleski's career reflects his determination and drive. He began his career with Douthit Communications in 1991 and by 1999 was the general manager of WeST LIFE newspaper. Continuing his professional ascension, Maleski joined the Great Lakes Publishing sales staff in 2002 and became the Inside Business magazine publisher in 2003, where his influence allowed sales growth and numerous awards. During his time with, the website achieved growth in traffic, as well as site expansion, mobile platforms and new email, among others.

“Most would say I've achieved quite a bit since leaving Waynesburg 21 years ago and perhaps that's true,” Maleski said. “I still see much, much more to do still. I learn something new every day, especially in the field of digital innovation.”


In a career featuring a plethora of success, Maleski can identify two of his greatest accomplishments, both dealing with his position with the Cavaliers. For a number of years, he has led the NBA in new media partnership solutions and has been recognized for his work. Additionally, he was named one of the NBA's top new creative executives by Sports Business Journal for the 2009 season, just a year after the organization hired him.


Despite his professional achievement, Maleski still believes that attending Waynesburg helped him find what he needed to succeed.


“Waynesburg is a big part of who I am today,” Maleski said. “The friends I made there are my friends for life, and it was Waynesburg University that brought us together. My success is attributable to the way I was raised by my parents and the strong relationship I've had with my brothers and friends.”


Drawing from his extensive and exciting professional life, Maleski can impart wisdom on students preparing to enter the workforce. He believes in valuing everyone he meets, because one can never be sure when they might reenter your life and have the ability to help you advance in some way. He strives to return every phone call within 24 hours and treat everyone he encounters with courtesy.


“Be willing to roll up your sleeves and work hard in order to move up within the corporate environment. Take risks. Be yourself. Stand up for yourself and your opinions…and align yourself with organizations that value the same things you do.”

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Tiffany Onifer

Greetings and Salutations!

Have you ever analyzed the mucro posterior region of a leaf?
Presenting research at the American Chemistry Society Conference


Welcome to the blog spot where you get to hear about what's taking place on campus, behind the scenes at Waynesburg University. My name is Tiffany Onifer and I am a junior Chemistry, Pre-med major. For the past 3 years I have been actively involved in research.

Now you might be interested in what I'm researching, which is probably one of the reasons you're reading this blog. What my advisor, Dr. Fletcher, and I have been doing is researching different methods for improving the microdialysis sampling of neuropeptides.


If you're in a pickle and have no idea what I just said that's ok! This is exactly how I felt in the beginning of my freshman year. As these blog posts progress my desire is that you will have a better understanding of what we are actively doing.

What does research look like from a student athlete perspective? At the undergraduate level you have several options, you can research a specific topic that you are interested in or you can join in on a preexisting project. Freshman year I hopped on the wagon.

As a dual varsity athlete, practice will always be scheduled. As a Chemistry major, labs will always be in abundance. As an undergraduate researcher, patience needs to be developed and utilized when the project is soaring on the mountain tops to when it fails not just once but many times and you have no idea why it is not working.

It is within these moments, when I've made mistakes that I have learned the most about the system vs. the symptoms. Even though setbacks, “set you back” they don't have to keep you down. I have learned that it is a crucial time where you can get back on your feet stronger than ever before and push towards the mark of success.

Waynesburg University and the Chemistry Department has truly been a blessing in regards to opening doors unto those involved in research. Coming into Waynesburg I thought that research was just working behind the scenes in a lab trying to solve an extremely hard puzzle with more than 1000 pieces. I had no idea of the numerous opportunities that would have come as a result of this journey. Throughout the last 2 years I have been able to present our findings in 3 different states and at 1 state capitol.

As great as this blog is sounding I think it's time for an intermission. But right before the commercial I must share what we have been doing on the research front. In the past 2 weeks the glass surface of our beads were activated and the bead density was determined. Next on the list is binding studies using various proteins.

Tackle Greatness, Strive for Excellence, and see yourself as a Success going to Succeed.
~Live in a world of change, be the difference

Tiffany Onifer is a junior Chemistry, Pre-Med Major

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Miller Hall Waynesburg Unviersity

If you're thinking about applying to Waynesburg University, now is the time. Applying before November first will give you the best chance to get one of our Competitive Merit Scholarships:



  • "Dr. Charles Bryner Scholarship": $2,000 to $5,000 per year 
(Students in health related fields)


  • "Governor's School Merit Scholarship": $2,000 per year


  • "Hugh O'Brian Scholarship": $2,000 per year 
(Hugh O'Brian Ambassador)


  • "Margaret Bell Mill Scholarship": $2,000 per year
. This scholarship is awarded to high academic students who have board scores above 1250 (SAT) or 28 (ACT) and have shown academic excellence.


  • "Pennsylvania Governor's Conference Woman's Scholarship": $2,500 per year
. This scholarship is awarded to one female Pennsylvania resident student who has demonstrated financial need.


  • "State Scholars Scholarship": $2,000 and is renewable for four consecutive years (Students whose permanent residence is outside of Pennsylvania and have a 3.0 or higher).


  • "The Leadership Program": $2,000 per year 
(approximately 10-15 awards)


  • "The Bonner Scholarship": $2,500-$4,000 (15-17 awards based upon Community Service)


  • "The Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership Scholarship": $5,000 per year (5 awards based on students' interest in the study of the Constitution of the United States and moral leadership)


  • "Waynesburg University Alumni Scholarship": $1,500 - $3,000 per year.
One student is selected each year by the Waynesburg University Alumni Council that has been active in both school and community service activities.


Bonus Scholarship


If you're from Ohio you can qualify for "The Ohio Honors Scholarship": Full Tuition, Room, and Board
 (1 Math or Science Students)


Download Our /brAffordability Guide

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Forensic Science

As part of our mission to engage, educate and enrich the community, our Forensic Science Club visited Jefferson Morgan Elementary. Our students taught the elementary school students about fingerprints and let them develop and lift some latent prints. Through coordination with the FBI via Waynesburg University graduate Alison Chasko, our Forensic Science Club also helped the children fill out National Child ID Program Kits, which record their own fingerprints. The children took the kits home so their parents could fill out other vital info, actually collect DNA (cheek swab) and attach current photos. The kit also came with a wallet card containing their child's thumb print for parents to keep with them. If the child ever becomes lost or missing, the information can be used to assist authorities.



Michael Cipoletti is the Forensic Science Program Director at Waynesburg University

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