Online Teaching at Waynesburg University

Waynesburg University's Concentration in Online Teaching is the perfect complement to any education or business degree. In fact, as more education programs shift to include an online component, there is a shortage of online instructors. A quick search for "online instructor" on popular job websites turns up literally hundreds of opportunities. A Concentration in Online Teaching from Waynesburg University can help you get the edge in your career and teach you:

  • Effective Strategies for Online Teachers

  • Contemporary Issues in Technology

  • How to integrate technology with teaching and learning

  • Classes are available at our Southpointe, Monroeville and Seven Fields campuses.

  • Registration for the Fall semester is only open until August 20.


EDU 505

Introduction to Educational Technologies

EDU 508

Contemporary Issues in Technology

EDU 509

Technology with Teaching and Learning

EDU 521

Introduction to Multimedia

EDU 518

Effective Strategies for Online Teachers