The M. Ed. in Athletic Administration and Coaching consists of five classes (3 credits each) beyond the Concentration in Athletic Administration and Coaching for a total of ten courses or 30 credits. Courses still embrace the accelerated 8 week format and classes still meet from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M. once a week during this period. Additional work beyond the time spent in the classroom is required. All coursework will reflect a commitment to rigor and high standards of excellence.

Currently, all courses are face-to-face and meet at the Waynesburg University Center at Southpointe. Were interest generated by a commitment of a cohort of students of five or more for attendance at one of our other locations (Cranberry or Monroeville) for the duration of the 5 courses, the Director would consider offering the coursework at these additional WU locations.

A few course online opportunities exist within the five courses related to school administration that follow the concentration in the course below. However, these online opportunities reflect less than 50% of the program offerings within that venue.

Note that our program is housed within the graduate programs of education, but our applicants to this program do not have to hold an undergraduate degree in education to be admitted.

Admission Requirements:

  • WU Online application/Essay
  • Earned baccalaureate degree with official transcripts.
  • Undergraduate or established graduate (12 or more credits) GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Submission of two professional recommendations. Forms are provided for this purpose.
  • Résumé
  • Current Pennsylvania Criminal Record, Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearances, current FBI fingerprint clearance, current negative TB test (For Principal Internship or if any classes require direct interaction with students).
  • The program embodies all the parameters outlined under "Concentration in Athletic Administration and Coaching" (which are listed below) plus the additional five classes that follow:

Program: Concentration in Athletic Administration and Coaching

Course ID Description Time Credit Hours
EDUAAP 505 Sport Compliance 8 weeks 3.0
EDUAAP 506 Contemporary Issues in Athletics 8 weeks 3.0
EDUAAP 507 Sport Budgets & Fiscal Practices 8 weeks 3.0
EDUAAP 508 Facilities & Event Management and Fundraising 8 weeks 3.0
EDUAAP 509 Principles of Coaching and First Aid 8 weeks 3.0
  15 Total Credit Hours

Program: Addition of the following classes:

COURSE ID Description Time Credit Hours
EDU 507 Curriculum and Instruction Leadership 8 weeks 3.0
EDU 516 Assessment, Data Collection and Technology 8 weeks 3.0
EDU 575 Special Education Leadership 8 weeks 3.0
EDU 577 Supervision and Management 8 weeks 3.0
EDU 578 School, Community Relations 8 weeks 3.0
  15 Additional Credit Hours for a Total of 30 Credit Hours


EDUAPP 505 Sport Compliance

This course incorporates basic issues and strategies encompassing sport law/compliance and risk management issues in athletics. Students will analyze the types of legal obligations and liability exposure in the sport business, along with the risk management tools available to minimize risk.

EDUAPP 506 Contemporary Issues in Athletics

The purpose of this course is to enable the student to examine sport issues in society through an understanding of: how sport influences our national values; dealing with challenging personalities (parents, colleagues, supervisors, etc.); using emotional intelligence and transactional analysis; and examining how sport can influence positive and negative outcomes for individuals. Additionally, the course will broaden the student’s understanding of a variety of issues common to the sports industry. Topics will include the relationship of sports to academics, religion, drugs, violence, parents, the media, and non-school athletic organizations. Students will analyze current problems and develop possible solutions.

EDUAAP 507 Sport Budgets & Fiscal Practices

This course will prepare students to develop the skills, strategies and techniques needed to successfully execute an interscholastic budget; identify the process of securing bids and quotes; analyze the need for capital improvements; interpret the various state budget categories and propose alternative and innovative funding sources to offset budgetary shortfalls.

EDUAAP 508 Facilities & Event Management and Fundraising

This course is designed to provide learning experiences in maintaining safe and secure indoor and outdoor practice/game facilities; developing long range operational and assessment plans; understanding the need for and development of regular maintenance schedules; preparing planning methods for contests and tournaments; as well as guidelines for effectively working with booster clubs and their fundraising endeavors, while adhering to school district policies within a context of accountability.

EDUAAP 509Principles of Coaching and First Aid

This course will address the critical issues in the development of a coach who not only elicits the best from his/her athletes, but does so safely and with an understanding of the identification of injury risks and treatment modalities. Students will explore the effective teaching of sport skills; assess the differences in psychological and psychomotor development; develop team building abilities and motivational techniques for athletes; construct the most effective practices; and recognize, treat and refer the variety of athletic injuries that may be encountered in this arena. (The skills taught herein are not a replacement for professional medical help, but offer information and strategies for temporary assistance until advanced medical help arrives.) NOTE: This is the course the covers the mandated PIAA requirements for coaches that starts in July of 2016.

EDU 507 Curriculum and Instruction Leadership

This course focuses upon the curriculum development process and the role of the principal in that process. Students will explore contemporary trends and challenges in the development of curriculum and academic standards in the 21st century school and will develop a strategic plan to enhance student achievement.

EDU 516 Assessment, Data Collection, and Technology

This course emphasizes data-based instructional decision-making. Students will learn to use various technologies to access and analyze student performance data, compile performance reports, and make long term, strategic leadership decisions.

EDU 575 Special Education Leadership

This course focuses upon the role of the principal as the building level leader in the area of special education and diversity awareness. Students will become familiar with special education legislation, policies and procedures as well as instructional strategies for students with learning differences.

EDU 577 Supervision and Management

This course focuses upon theory and practice specific to the role of the principal as the building level manager and supervisor. Topics addressed will include strategic planning, school reform, financial analysis and decision making, school safety, personnel recruitment, selection, mentoring and retention, and professional development.

EDU 578 School, Community Relations

This course focuses upon the role of the principal in the development of positive school-community interactions and the development of a learning community dedicated to fostering student achievement. Topics addressed will include consensus building, communications strategies, family involvement, advocacy, and professional integrity.

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