b2ap3_thumbnail_GW.jpgWaynesburg University’s b.f. maiz Center will welcome guest lecturer Gregory Wolfe Monday, Sept. 21. Wolfe will lecture in Alumni Hall at 7 p.m. Admission is free, and the public is cordially invited to attend.

Wolfe’s lecture, “Beauty will Save the World,” shares its title with his 2011 book, “Beauty will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age.” The book advocates that art and religious faith should be the basis of public discourse, rather than the shouting matches in which opposing cultures currently participate.

Wolfe is founder and editor of one of America’s top literary quarterlies, “Image,” which is concerned with religious faith. Since 2000, he has been the Writer in Residence at Seattle Pacific University, where he also teaches English literature and directs the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing program, which he founded.  

He has published more than 200 essays, reviews and articles, and has been included in “The Best Christian Writing” and “The Best Catholic Writing” anthologies.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude from Hillsdale College and a Master of Arts from Oxford University.  

The b. f. maiz Center, named after the late poet b. f. maiz, exists to continue and to amplify his lifelong concerns with poetry, peace and poetic justice. This speaker is invited to campus as part of the b.f. maiz Center’s activities.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_9-4-Bosch_Jerry-Lawman.jpgWaynesburg University has formed an agreement with Bosch through which international business students will have the opportunity to apply for a reserved internship position at the company. 

Each year, the global supplier of technology and services with nearly 360,000 employees in more than 50 countries, will reserve two rotational six-month internship positions in Ludwigsburg, Germany, for a Waynesburg University international business major. 

Qualified students can apply for the internships, which will be offered in the Controlling Department of one of Bosch’s Automotive Division Business Units. The internships will provide students with experience in global business practices and intercultural exposure in the heart of the automotive industry at a time of globally changing consumer trends.

Jerry Lawman, a senior international business student from Poland, Ohio, can attest to the benefits of an international internship with Bosch. From February to July this year, he served as the first Bosch intern from Waynesburg University.

“It was a great pleasure to have Jerry on our international team working parallel with another intern from China,” said Alexander Firsching, a senior vice president at Bosch. “He represented how international we are, and especially in the interaction with the business in the region. It is always helpful to have people from the Americas or Asia on the team.”

Bosch provided Lawman with the opportunity to learn about the day-to-day operations of a successful international business. He said that his Waynesburg University business classes helped him to develop the skills necessary to complete the tasks he was assigned.

"My classes really familiarized me with what I would need to know for this internship,” he said.  “In particular, a lot of the classes I have taken involved learning about business terms, concepts and strategies that are needed for a successful internship experience.”

As part of his internship, Lawman attended monthly meetings with Bosch’s Controlling Department, as well as weekly meetings with his mentor to discuss what he had learned from his experiences working at Bosch.

“This internship has really helped me see how important controlling is for international business,” he said. “I learned a lot about how companies have to set goals and adapt to changes internally and externally.”

Lawman also had unique learning opportunities outside of the office. While in Germany, he took advantage of time off during weekends and public holidays by traveling to more than 10 countries, including France, Hungary and the Netherlands. As a result, he has had the chance to learn about cultures and grow his love for travel.

“Waynesburg has taught me the importance of service and selflessness,” he said. “My Waynesburg experience has given me so many opportunities to grow and to better myself as a person.”

Upon graduation from Waynesburg University, Lawman plans to pursue his master’s degree and hopes to continue his work with Bosch. His time there has inspired him to seek additional opportunities abroad, including travel, mission trips and study.

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As classes commenced last week at Waynesburg University, nine new faculty have joined the undergraduate and graduate teaching communities.

“The Office of Academic Affairs is excited to welcome the new faculty to Waynesburg University,” said Dr. Jamie Jacobs, dean for institutional effectiveness and planning at the University. “Each brings valuable knowledge and skills in his or her field, and we look forward to working with them in support of the mission of faith, learning and serving.”

Dr. Xela Batchelder has been named assistant professor of arts administration and the chair of the Department of Fine Arts. She received her M.A. degree and her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

Robert Bonser will serve as an instructor of athletic training and assistant athletic trainer. He received his B.S. degree from Frostburg State University and his M.A. degree from the University of North Carolina.

Coleen Cardamone has joined the University as an instructor of nursing. She received her B.S. degree from Waynesburg University and her M.S. degree from Chatham University.

Jessica Floyd has been named an instructor of nursing. She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Waynesburg University.

Dr. Imac Holmes will serve as assistant professor of counseling. She received her B.S. degree from Philadelphia College of Bible, her M.S. degree from Cairn University and her Ed.D. from Argosy University.

Kevin McClincy has joined the University as an instructor of criminal justice. He received his B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State University and his M.A. degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. McClincy joined the University faculty in the Spring 2015 semester.

Sheryl Ondrejko has been named an instructor of nursing. She received her B.S. degree from Waynesburg University and her M.A. degree from Benedictine University.

Sherry Parsons will serve as an instructor of nursing. She received her B.S.N. and her M.S.N. degrees from Waynesburg University. Parsons joined the University faculty in the Spring 2015 semester.

Dr. Taunya Tinsley has joined the University as an associate professor of counseling and director of Graduate Programs in Counseling. She received her B.A. degree from Augsburg College, her M.A. degree from the University of Iowa and her Ph.D. from Duquesne University.

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Ashley Wise, Senior Writer/Editor

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Matriculation-2015.jpgWaynesburg University’s 2015-2016 academic school year officially began Thursday, August 20, with the University’s annual Matriculation Ceremony. President Douglas G. Lee and other University leaders welcomed the freshman class at the 2 p.m. ceremony in Roberts Chapel.

“We are an institution committed to educating students to make connections between faith, learning and serving so that they might faithfully transform their communities and the world,” said President Lee. “Essential to this task is perseverance. In the words of former Waynesburg president A.B. Miller, ‘The great work of turning a life to good account cannot be accomplished by dreaming, by hoping, not even by solemn resolution but by earnest, laborious, persevering effort.’” 

During the ceremony, the names of matriculating students were announced by Lanny Frattare, assistant professor of communication, and Doug Wilson, lecturer of communication.

Matriculation marks the beginning of an eventful weekend organized to introduce freshmen to their new home at Waynesburg University. The incoming class will meet with faculty, participate in activities that allow them to meet other new students and attend numerous informational meetings.

The University welcomed over 400 students representing 57 different majors and 21 states, including Alaska, California, South Carolina, Vermont and Wyoming.

More than $4 million in institutional sponsored scholarships and grants have been awarded to the incoming class, including five Stover Scholarships, 17 Bonner Scholarships and seven Scout Scholarships.

The incoming class had the opportunity to participate in more than 20 events that the Waynesburg University Admissions Office hosted throughout the year in addition to personal visit opportunities. 

Jessica Sumpter, director of admissions at Waynesburg University, said that the Admissions Office staff and campus community is excited to welcome the many students with whom they aided in the college search and selection process.

“We are excited for the students to finally be able to experience all that Waynesburg University has to offer,” said Sumpter. “We could not be more thrilled that the incoming students have chosen to come to Waynesburg University!"

Freshmen moved into their residence halls Thursday, August 20. Upperclassmen will move into residence halls Sunday, August 23, and classes will begin Monday, August 24.

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Ashley Wise, Senior Writer/Editor

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Waynesburg University’s third annual Merit Badge University, planned for Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, will provide Boy Scouts with the opportunity to earn merit badges while being exposed to a wide spectrum of academic disciplines by qualified faculty and staff at Waynesburg University.

The one-day event will take place on the campus of Waynesburg University from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will offer 31 merit badges, including Aviation, Cycling, Engineering, Environmental Science, Indian Lore and Scouting Heritage. For a complete list of merit badges or to register, visit http://www.waynesburg.edu/merit-badge-university. 

Cost for the day is $10 and includes lunch, a Class B shirt, a patch and instruction by Waynesburg University faculty. Space will not be held for Scouts until payment is made. All spaces are first come, first served. Walk-in registrants will be accepted as space allows, but shirts and patches are not guaranteed. Registration is limited to 300 scouts.

Adult participants who plan to attend merit badge sessions must be in Class A/Field Uniform and must present evidence of their BSA registration and current Youth Protection Training. Alternate activities will be provided for adult participants who do not wish to accompany scouts to badge sessions or who are not appropriately registered with the BSA.  

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the nation's largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship and develops personal fitness.

For more information, visit the website above or contact 724-852-7660.

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