Waynesburg University has partnered with RJ Lee Group, Inc., to benefit its students, local educators and the region. The University’s Center for Research and Economic Development (CRED) houses a working forensics laboratory available both for instruction in the curricular program and for commercial applications.

RJ Lee Group provides a staff member to aid students and to provide maintenance of the instrumentation in the laboratory. The high-tech lab provides University students with real-world, hands-on experience with state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation.

"We are a company interested in education and we believe that there is a need for more interaction with academia and research institutions," said Gary Casuccio, vice president for RJ Lee Group. "Because research is advancing quite rapidly, businesses can and should be working closely with colleges and universities to encourage innovation."

According to Casuccio, the existing partnership allows RJ Lee Group to assist the University with the advances in technology, thus providing students with opportunities to excel in the forensics field as they are exposed to real-world application.