Withdrawal from the University

Students who withdraw from the University prior to the end of the tenth week of classes will have the letter W (withdrawal) recorded for each course on their permanent record.

Students who withdraw from the University subsequent to the end of the tenth week of classes will either receive a WP (withdrew while passing the course) or WF (withdrew failing) for the respective courses listed on their permanent record. However, in the event of an illness or other severe hardship beyond the student’s control, the student should submit, no later than the last day of classes, a written petition for permission to withdraw to the Provost. If permission is granted, a grade of W will be recorded. Students are not permitted to withdraw during the week of semester examinations.

If a student withdraws from the University, federal, state and institutional regulations require that we determine whether a refund is due to any aid program or to the student. This standard refund calculation is performed once the student notifies the institution of the withdrawal. A revised award notice will be sent to the student detailing the results of this calculation. Please note that, if you decide to transfer to another school, your financial aid does not transfer with you. You must apply for aid at your new school. Refunds of tuition and fees will be made to students who withdraw voluntarily according to the scale listed in the section of the University catalog entitled Financial Information.

A student who desires to withdraw from the University during the semester should contact the Office of the Registrar by one of the following:

Visit the Registrar’s Office at 105 Miller Hall OR
Call 724.852.3252 OR
Email registrar@waynesburg.edu.

If you are not sure whether withdrawal is the right decision for you, please fill out this contact form to set up a meeting to discuss your options.