Writing Center at Waynesburg University

The Waynesburg University Writing Center is a comfortable place for students to talk about writing and important ideas. Bring papers to us at any stage of the writing process, whether you have an assignment sheet or a final draft, for a personalized meeting with one of our writing consultants.

Our peer writing consultants study in a variety of majors- conferences are productive and helpful to student writers in understanding academic conventions in specific fields. The Writing Center's primary goal is to share tools and techniques necessary for students to develop rich and varied writing abilities.

We are located in 204 Eberly, on the top floor of the library, just through a set of French doors. The Writing Center is a low-key, welcoming spot on the Waynesburg University campus where we believe that all writers need good readers. We'll be waiting for you. At the Writing Center, we talk about:

Early stages: Planning and Organizing

  • Understanding writing assignments and prompts
  • Reading and analyzing text
  • Understanding different writing genres
  • Conceptualizing and brainstorming
  • Planning and outlining

Middle Stages: Writing Quality and Development

  • Developing presentations
  • Structuring multimedia/multigenre projects
  • Drafting and revising
  • Composing more effective introductions and conclusions
  • Expanding research techniques
  • Building and refining support

Later Stages: The Finishing Touch

  • Demonstrating effective editing techniques
  • Strengthening grammar and syntax
  • Checking paper and citation format
  • Enriching writing


What Happens in a Writing Center Appointment?

Face-to-Face Appointments

You'll be greeted by a writing consultant and invited to have a seat at one of our tables (Perhaps you'd like a snack from our basket!). When you completed your appointment request at http://waynesburg.mywconline.com you indicated what type of assignment you're writing, as well as areas of concern or focus. (You also have the option of uploading a draft or document to your appointment.) Your writing consultant will discuss your questions, and the two of you will agree on goals for the session such as:

  • the meaning of the assignment
  • brainstorming, planning or organizing
  • checking grammar or citations

If you've brought a draft, you may be asked to read parts of it aloud The two of you will have a conversation in which your consultant offers feedback, asks questions, and models strategies you can use. Be prepared to take notes or mark up your paper, as our consultants are not permitted to write on your paper. Your consultant will then summarize your discussion, and you'll be asked to complete a short, online evaluation of your session. Before you leave, you may want to make a follow-up appointment.

Online Appointments

(Online appointments are not open to freshmen.) If you'd like to book an online appointment, you will need to indicate your preference when you access www.waynesburg.mywconline.com by clicking the Online button. Note that not all writing consultants offer online appointments, so you'll need to look for the online icon next to the consultant's name. We recommend that online appointments be 60 minutes as these appointments lack the immediacy of direct conversation. You'll have the opportunity to upload a document when you schedule your appointment. At the appointment time, you will click the "Join Session" button. Once the session begins, you'll be able to communicate with your consultant via a chat feature. The consultant will not write "on" your paper, so all Writing Center comments will appear within the chat box.

Graduate Student E-Tutoring Appointments

The Writing Center offers asynchronous online appointments to graduate students through the E-tutoring schedule on WCOnline. Students new to WCOnline must register at https://waynesburg.mywconline.com. Once registered, students should choose the E-tutoring schedule on the log-in page by moving the arrow in the white drop-down box. On the E-tutoring schedule, appointments can be made by clicking on available times, completing the appointment form, and uploading a paper. E-tutoring appointments are asynchronous, so students will not need to be present online during the appointment. Instead, a writing consultant will add comments and suggestions to the assignment via the Word Comment feature and then upload the document to the appointment block. When the reviewed document is ready, students will receive email notification and can then retrieve their reviewed papers by re-entering their original appointments. More information about E-tutoring appointments and the Writing Center can be found at http://waynesburg.libguides.com/writingcenter.

Peer Tutoring

Interested in becoming a peer tutor? Contact Jill Sunday, director of the Writing Center, at jsunday@waynesburg.edu or 724-852-3224 to learn more.

1. Where is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is located in 204 Eberly, which is on the top floor of the library.

2. When is the Writing Center open?

Our schedule changes from semester to semester because of our peer writing consultants' own class commitments, but you can easily check our hours by visiting www.waynesburg.mywconline.com

3. How can I make an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment (for either a 30-minute or a 60-minute session) by logging into www.waynesburg.mywconline.com

  • Enter your user name and password (If you've never visited the Writing Center before, you'll need to register for the system by clicking on the Register button.)
  • Clicking on an open appointment.

You can also take your chances on getting a walk-in appointment by stopping into the Center.

4. Who works in the Writing Center?

Our staff consists of a Writing Center Director, who also teaches in the English department, a graduate assistant, and several peer writing consultants. Our consultants are all strong writers who have taken a credit-bearing course in teaching writing.

5. Will the Writing Center staff help only with papers for my English class?

No! Our writing consultants major in a variety of subjects, including English, International Relations, Bible Ministry Studies, Biology, Education, Environmental Science, and Nursing. The Writing Center staff is prepared to help you with any writing assignment for any class offered at Waynesburg University.

6. Can I drop off my paper to be proofread?

Writing Center consultants do not check or correct papers without the student author's interaction. Instead, we aim to help students become stronger writers by discussing and modeling writing techniques. Be prepared to take notes during your appointment, as our writing consultants are not permitted to write on your paper.

7. Should I visit right before my paper is due?

Since we aren't an editing service, we encourage student writers to visit early in the writing process, so enough time remains to incorporate ideas and techniques discovered during the appointment. Our surveys show that students find visiting during the brainstorming stage to be most beneficial, especially when a follow-up visit during the drafting stage occurs. Of course, you may always come in for an additional touch-up session right before your paper is due.

8. What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring the writing assignment you'd like to work on, your professor's prompt, your course syllabus, and any other materials you're using to write this assignment. For example, if you are writing about a short story, bring your literature text. If you are writing a lab report, bring the notes you made while performing the experiment.

9. Will visiting the Writing Center guarantee me a good grade?

We believe that discussing your writing will help to strengthen your skills, but there are no guarantees. We don't think about or discuss grades in the Writing Center. We focus, instead, on your words.

10. Will you let my professor know that I've visited?

Some professors build a Writing Center visit into the class coursework, and we will email those professors to let them know you've been in. If your visit isn't part of your coursework, we won't email your professor unless you request that we do.


Have additional questions? Visit our libguide page, available at http://waynesburg.libguides.com/writingcenter!