Awarded within an acceptance letter, these academic scholarships are based on the combination of each applicant's cumulative high school GPA and SAT/ACT score achievement. (Waynesburg University uses Critical Reading and Math scores only on the SAT.) See below for the average GPA and test scores to qualify for each award.

AB Miller Scholarship ($15,000 maximum annual amount)

4.12 average GPA*, 1315/30 average SAT/ACT

Presidential Honor Scholarship ($12,000 maximum annual amount)

3.98 average GPA*, 1165/25 average SAT/ACT

Waynesburg Honor Scholarship ($9,000 maximum annual amount)

3.75 average GPA*, 1060/22 average SAT/ACT

University Scholarship ($7,000 maximum annual amount)

3.33 average GPA*, 975/21 average SAT/ACT

Out-of-state students who qualify for any of the four Achievement Awards also qualify for our State Scholarship, worth an additional $2,000/year.

Scholarship amounts shown above are the maximum amount that a student can receive in each scholarship level. Scholarship amounts are reduced for commuters at each Achievement Award level.

Find your exact scholarship and financial aid estimate by using our new Net Price Calculator.

All scholarships are renewable for up to four academic years or until a bachelor’s degree is achieved (whichever comes first). Please see the academic catalog for the GPA requirements to maintain each award. All scholarships are also automatically awarded upon acceptance, so no additional application is needed.

* The Admissions Committee reserves the right to recalculate GPA based on core curriculum and evaluate all academic credentials included within the application process for admittance and scholarship purposes.