Integrated Bachelor's to Master's Degree Programs at Waynesburg University

Waynesburg University offers three integrated bachelor’s to master’s degree programs for students wishing to expedite their undergraduate and graduate education. These programs, typically accomplished in five years, are built to transition seamlessly from undergraduate to graduate coursework.

Programs include:

  • BA/MA in Counseling
  • BSBA/MBA in Business
  • BA/M.Ed. in Education

Programs Offered

BA/MA in Counseling

The Integrated Undergraduate and Master of Arts program allows students who have completed all undergraduate general education requirements and met other academic requirements to enroll in graduate Counseling courses during their senior year. The graduate courses will be taken as 400 level courses until the student has graduated with an undergraduate degree and is formally accepted into the Master of Arts in Counseling program.

Students will not be accepted as graduate students until they have completed their Baccalaureate degree. Upon acceptance into the Counseling program, the student will petition the registrar to transfer the 400 level counseling courses to a 500 level counseling courses in fulfillment of the degree requirements for the Master of Arts in Counseling.

The Counseling program is designed to develop professional counselors who are caring, competent and committed to helping others. The Counseling program has two specialized tracks – Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Addictions Counseling – designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of students. The Clinical Mental Health Counseling option is for individuals who are primarily interested in helping others in community human service agencies or private practice counseling. The Addictions Counseling option is for individuals who want to serve people who have identified substance use disorders or other compulsive disorders, including gambling addiction. Each track provides an ideal blend of theory and clinical practice that will enable graduates to begin their counseling careers with the confidence and skills needed to work as licensed professional counselors.

The Master of Arts in Counseling requires 60 credit hours of instruction. The program is designed to be completed in 20 months of intensive, full-time study.

Courses are offered in two 8-week sessions during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Half of the classes are offered in traditional classroom format, and half are offered through online instruction or in a blended format. Typically students must attend classroom instruction one evening a week, with another evening devoted to online instruction.

The Counseling program courses cannot be substituted for undergraduate required courses or electives. Students can take up to two courses as part of their undergraduate tuition, provided that the combined enrollment does not exceed 18 total credits in any semester. Students electing to take more than two graduate Counseling courses in their senior year will be charged the graduate tuition rate for those additional courses.

Please see the  2013-2014 course catalog for eligibility, admission and degree requirements.

BSBA/MBA in Business

The integrated BSBA/MBA Program at Waynesburg University involves 160 credit curriculum that will allow eligible students to obtain both a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and a Master of Business Administration degree within a streamlined five-year time period.

Students in the Integrated BSBA/MBA Program may elect to specialize in the applied business, health systems administration, leadership/ human resource management, finance or market development areas.

All MBA courses are offered in the evenings in two 8-week sessions during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Classes are held on our Waynesburg campus during year four. Upon graduation from their undergraduate program of study, students may elect to take subsequent graduate classes at any of the three regional centers or our Waynesburg campus.

Admission to the program is offered to all undergraduate business majors who meet admission requirements. The Graduate Admissions Committee, made up of the Chair of the Department of Business Administration, Dean of Graduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Programs in Business Administration will evaluate academic achievement at the undergraduate level, special skills and other factors relevant to the prospective candidate.

Please see the  2013-2014 course catalog for eligibility, admission and degree requirements.

BA/M.Ed. in Education

The five year, dual degree and dual certification program option is available for students in the elementary/middle level 4-8 and secondary 7-12 teaching certification programs. The program is not available for students in the PreK-4 certification program. Students will earn an undergraduate degree and teaching certification in either middle level 4-8 or secondary 7-12 and a graduate degree, Master of Education in Special Education, with an additional teaching certification in either special education PreK-8 or special education 7-12. Students will be required to successfully complete PECT special education certification exams before admission to final special education practicum.

Students considering the five year, dual degree and dual certification program should formally notify their Education Department advisor no later than the end of the fall semester of their junior year. Students must complete the Intent to Apply for Dual Degree and Dual Certification Program Notice at that time. Formal application to the graduate program must be made no later than March 1 of the senior year. Admission into the graduate program, academic progression, and degree completion is contingent upon the student meeting all criteria established by the Graduate Education Program. Courses in the graduate program are presented in an accelerated, eight week format.

Please see the  2013-2014 course catalog for eligibility, admission and degree requirements.

Academic Curriculum

Recommended Course Sequence

Years 1, 2 and 3

  • 94 B.S.B.A credits to partially meet General Education and undergraduate business major requirements

Year 4

  • Fall Semester – 18 credits (15 BSBA credits and 3 MBA credits*)
  • Spring Semester – 18 credits (15 BSBA credits and 3 MBA credits*)

*MBA class choice guided by student's undergraduate advisor with approval by Director of MBA program

Student Completes Undergraduate degree --
Year 5

  • Summer – 6 MBA credits*
  • Fall Semester – 12 MBA credits*
  • Spring Semester – 12 MBA credits*

*MBA class choice guided by student's graduate advisor with approval by Director of MBA program


  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.5 by end of first semester of junior year
  • Enrollment as business major in undergraduate business program at Waynesburg University, Main Campus
  • At least 45 undergraduate credits from Waynesburg University. Students may transfer in up to 9 credits of M.B.A. coursework from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Approval by the Chair Department of Business Administration


Taught by a cross disciplinary team of professors from multiple disciplines.

Earning my undergraduate and master's degree at Waynesburg in five years will be an enormous blessing to me in my professional career. It will put me ahead of the majority of other business professionals due to the quality of education I will have received.
Dominic Zappa, Class of 2015