Faculty & Staff Results 101 - 120 of 236

  • Barbara Kirby

    Barbara Kirby

    Director for the Center for Research and Economic Development - Project Director for the Teaching with Primary Sources Program

    E: bkirby@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3388
  • Chaley Knight

    Chaley Knight

    University Counselor

    E: cknight@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7703
  • Richard Krause

    Richard Krause

    Chairperson for the Communication Department - Assistant Professor of Communication

    E: rkrause@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3240
  • Debra Kuis

    Debra Kuis


    E: dkuis@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3374
  • Laura Lawrence

    Laura Lawrence

    Executive Assistant to the President

    E: lawrence@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3396
  • Erin Leaver

    Erin Leaver

    Assistant Athletic Trainer

    E: eleaver@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-3309
  • Douglas Lee

    Douglas Lee


    E: dlee@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3251

    Waynesburg University President Douglas G. Lee joined the University as Executive Vice President in October 2009, working closely with then President Timothy Thyreen. He was unanimously elected President of the University by the Board of Trustees in September 2012 and took office July 1, ...

  • Marie Leichliter Krause

    Marie Leichliter Krause

    Associate Dean for First-Year Programs

    E: mleichli@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724)852-7793
  • Richard Leipold

    Richard Leipold

    Chairperson for the Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Department - Professor of Computer Science

    E: rleipold@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3291
  • Bettyann Lesher

    Bettyann Lesher


    E: blesher@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3249
  • Deborah Lewis

    Deborah Lewis

    Director of the RN to BSN Program - Assistant Professor

    E: dlewis@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 743-7618
  • Morgan Lindsay

    Morgan Lindsay

    Residence Director

    E: mlindsay@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3206
  • Jennifer Lippencott

    Jennifer Lippencott


    E: jlippenc@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3329
  • Amanda Machesky

    Amanda Machesky

    Instructor of Nursing

    E: amachesk@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3441
  • Deana Mack

    Deana Mack

    Assistant Professor of Education

    E: dmack@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-3383
  • Devon Manderino

    Devon Manderino

    Assistant Professor of Counseling

    E: dmanderi@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-743-7622
  • David Mariner

    David Mariner

    Director of Program Development, Graduate and Professional Studies

    E: dmariner@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 743-2265
  • Larry Marshall

    Larry Marshall

    Director of Athletics

    E: lamarsha@ waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-3477
  • David Martin

    David Martin


    E: dmartin@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3463
  • Ashley Mason

    Ashley Mason


    E: amason@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3378