Faculty & Staff Results 141 - 160 of 244

  • Emmanuel Ngijoi Yogo

    Emmanuel Ngijoi Yogo

    Assistant Professor of Physics

    E: eyogo@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3363
  • Andrew Nocita

    Andrew Nocita

    Professor of Psychology

    E: anocita@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 772-1955
  • Donna Nypaver

    Donna Nypaver


    E: dnypaver@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3378
  • J. Christian Ola

    J. Christian Ola

    Assistant Professor of Business Administration

    E: cola@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-3247
  • Abolade Ezekiel Olagoke

    Abolade Ezekiel Olagoke

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    E: eolagoke@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3440
  • John Olon

    John Olon

    Chief Financial Officer

    E: jolon@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-3241
  • Jane Owen

    Jane Owen

    Director of the Educational Enrichment Program, Clinical Services and Counseling Center

    E: jowen@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3225
  • Janet Paladino

    Janet Paladino

    Associate Professor of Biology

    E: jpaladin@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3281
  • Andrew Palko

    Andrew Palko

    Head Athletic Trainer - Instructor

    E: apalko@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3306
  • Kathy Palombo

    Kathy Palombo

    Coordinator of the MSN Program

    E: kpalombo@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-743-7611
  • Lisa Patterson

    Lisa Patterson


    E: lpatters@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3359
  • David Patton

    David Patton

    Programmer Analyst

    E: dpatton@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3410
  • Frank Pazzynski

    Frank Pazzynski

    Associate Professor of Education

    E: fpazzyns@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3294
  • L. Randy Pettit

    L. Randy Pettit

    Strength and Conditioning Coach - Director of the Fitness Center

    E: lpettit@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7719
  • Richard Pierce

    Richard Pierce

    Assistant Professor of English

    E: rpierce@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3431
  • Elaine Posten

    Elaine Posten

    Student Health Center Nurse

    E: eposten@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3332
  • Carolyn Poteet

    Carolyn Poteet

    Director of Faith and Mission

    E: cpoteet@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724.852.3302

    In her role as Director of Faith and Mission, Rev. Carolyn Poteet has the goal of fostering the spiritual formation across all aspects of the University community.  Rev. Poteet directs the Campus Ministry Program, leads chapel services, provides mentoring and leadership development for students, ...

  • Edward Powers

    Edward Powers

    Professor of Theatre

    E: epowers@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3226
  • Kerry Purnell

    Kerry Purnell

    Assistant Registrar

    E: kpurnell@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3389
  • Amy Randolph

    Amy Randolph

    Associate Professor of English

    E: aranholp@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3329