Waynesburg University is a Christian, liberal arts University located in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

Waynesburg University educates students to make connections between faith, learning and serving so they might faithfully transform their communities and the world. As a Christian comprehensive University, we strive to inspire and challenge every undergraduate and graduate student to a life of leadership and purpose for the glory of God.

Waynesburg University educates students based upon:

  • A commitment to the pursuit of truth in God’s world through rigorous scholarship, academic excellence and creative expressions, founded in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • A commitment to the authority of the scriptures as the essential reference for faith and life. The scriptures inform and define our perspectives in service of Christ and his kingdom.
  • A commitment to the integration of Christian faith within the various academic disciplines and professional programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • A commitment to employ faculty and staff members who embody the values and perspectives of the Christian faith in their teaching, personal lives and relationships with students.
  • A commitment to understand and engage others locally and around the world, through the use of our education and talents in service of justice and righteousness.
  • A commitment to student-centered education where the interests, aspirations and needs of each student are valued and encouraged.
  • A commitment to welcome students from various cultures, backgrounds, educational experiences and ages to enhance diversity and contribute to the learning community.
  • A commitment to develop students who will exhibit integrity, both personally and professionally, based upon the scriptural calling of Jesus Christ for all of life.

Waynesburg University seeks to:

For Students

  • Prepare students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels with the knowledge, skills and values necessary for the vocations to which they are called by God.
  • Cultivate the ability of students to think critically and to apply these skills in lifelong scholarship and ethical decision making.
  • Develop students who practice effective communication skills in both the spoken and written word in many different contexts.
  • Educate students to apply processes of scientific inquiry and quantitative reasoning skills in examining both information and theoretical models.
  • Provide students with opportunities to recognize lifestyles, traditions and rituals of diverse cultures.
  • Equip students to examine and employ information resources and technologies with wisdom and faithfulness.
  • Nurture students’ use of their creative abilities and their appreciation of aesthetic expressions of others.
  • Challenge students to excel in scholarship, research and independent academic inquiry within the broad context of the liberal arts tradition.
  • Educate students with depth of knowledge in one of the academic and applied disciplines through instruction and research at either the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Engage students to be servants and citizens in their local communities and to take responsibility for involvement in the world in which they live.

Waynesburg University seeks to:

For the Campus Community

  • Foster a Christian learning community where students are challenged and encouraged to develop as people through a variety of curricular and co-curricular programs.
  • Nurture a campus environment where the spiritual development of students, faculty and staff is affirmed through programs and resources.
  • Maintain an environment characterized by fairness and justice as expressed through institutional policies and procedures.
  • Make available critical and emerging informational, physical and technology resources necessary to support the education and research of a learning community.
  • Provide effective academic support services that will encourage and facilitate individual educational achievement for all students.
  • Address the changing educational and cultural needs of the local region through educational degrees, instructional programs, utilization of campus and graduate center resources and strategic partnerships.
  • Effectively manage fiscal and human resources to provide affordable opportunities for Christian higher education.
  • Exhibit responsible care for the Creation through the institution’s policies and practices.