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Richard Krause (Communication) attended the PRSA Renaissance Awards in Pittsburgh Jan. 26 with several students and alumni. Waynesburg University’s student chapter was recognized as the PRSSA Chapter of the Year at the event.

Xela Batchelder (Fine Arts) attended the 60th annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference and was accepted to represent the Association of Arts Administrator Educators on Jan. 7. Dr. Batchelder also attended the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s “Road Show” in New York.

Dana Baer and Marie Leichliter-Krause (Academic Affairs) attended the 2016 Annual Middle States Commission on Higher Education Conference in Philadelphia in December to learn more about the new accreditation standards, network with peers from member institutions, and attend sessions on a range of topics relevant to Waynesburg University. The materials from this conference are available on the N drive.

William Stough (Business Administration) attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Conference, where he participated in sessions on ethics and accounting and auditing.

Julie Bausman (Education), Kerry Purnell (Registrar’s Office), Chad Sherman (Communication), Melinda Rush (Fine Arts), Anthony Jarrell (Student Services), and Sarah Bell (Academic Affairs) led the Faith, Learning, and Service Immersion Trips offered through the University during the winter break.

Eddie Powers (Fine Arts) joined the Lamplighters Concert Choir in performing Bach’s Magnificat in Pittsburgh. Powers also emceed TUBACHRISTMAS on campus before the holidays.

Ronda DePriest (Fine Arts) performed with the Pittsburgh Civil Orchestra for a concert in late December.

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The Department of Nursing received a 100% NCLEX pass rate for 2016. This is the 7th time Waynesburg University’s Nursing program received this distinction.

The Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science hosted two events as part of the ACS Symposium Series. The first symposium (Nov. 2) in the new series featured student internship presentations; the second (Nov. 17) hosted a speaker from John Hopkins’ chemistry department. The department also hosted two homeschool labs, welcoming 24 local students to campus. Evonne Baldauff spearheaded these events.

Faith Musko (Forensic Science) coordinated fingerprinting workshops at Jefferson-Morgan Elementary School, where 53 students attended. 

Merit Badge University was held on Oct. 29. Twenty-six Waynesburg faculty and staff members volunteered at the event. The University hosted more than 300 Boy Scouts as part of this initiative.

Lina Hixon (Nursing) attended “Health Policy and Law,” a webinar, in November. The focus of the webinar was strategies for class activities to enhance the applicability of health policy to clinical practice. Hixon also attended “HP2020: Who’s Leading the Leading Health Indicators on Environmental Quality” to receive updates on real-life scenarios regarding air quality improvement in NYC.

Eddie Powers was involved in his 48th major production at Waynesburg University during the fall show, “Fools” by Neil Simon. Professor Power has selected “The Addams Family” for the spring musical. Several nights following the fall play, Professor Powers observed and assisted in rehearsals for “The Insanity of Mary Girard” a one-act play directed by a student.

Xela Batchelder (Fine Arts) attended the World Fringe Congress representing Pittsburgh Fringe in Montreal, Canada on November 16-18 and USAFF (US Association of Fringe Festivals) on November 19th.  Xela continues to be the USAFF secretary and on two of the three committees for USAFF (Marketing and New Festivals). 

Xela Batchelder continues to review film submissions for the Ethografilm Festival which will be in Paris, France in the spring (as well as showings in Asia and Africa). Dr. Batchelder advised the Association of Arts Administrator Educators executive on Edinburgh for their upcoming conference (first overseas) in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Batchelder also wrote a conference paper application for the Association of Arts Administrator Educators annual conference.

Ronda DePriest (Fine Arts) performed with the Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra for a concert Dec. 17 at the Upper St. Clair High School Theater.

Amy Randolph (English) planned and facilitated this year’s High School Creative Writing Workshop, Nov. 18. About 80 students attended the event.

Brandon Szuminsky (Communication) facilitated the third-annual Knox Writing Contest on campus. About 20 students attended the event, where they interviewed Lanny Frattere (Communication).

Chad Keyes (Chemistry) attended the 50th annual MAALACT (Middle Atlantic Association of Liberal Arts Chemistry Teachers) in October.

Rea Redd (Library) signed a contract with Southern Illinois University Press for the publication of his essay titled “The Turning Points within the 1864 Presidential Election” in the collection of essays “Turning Points In the American Civil War.” Publication date is expected during mid-2017.

Rick Pierce (English) will read poetry at the Climacus Conference of Thoughtful Ascent, in Louisville, Kentucky.  The conference dates are February 24-25, 2017.  It is organized by St. Michael’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Louisville.  He is scheduled to read for an hour, with a question and answer period to follow.  He will read from his chapbook, The Book of Mankey, some earlier poems, and some recent poems.

Wayne Rossiter (Biology) submitted a paper to Freshwater Science, and it was accepted. The paper is expected to be published in or after December 2016. Rossiter was also interviewed by Janet Mefferd, host of a national syndicated Christian radio talk show.

Rossiter was asked to review a paper for the journal Ecology, and he was asked to review a paper for  Freshwater Science. The Ecology review is in, and the other will be finished next week.

Karen Younger (Humanities) was the guest preacher at Claysville United Presbyterian Church in Claysville Oct. 9.

Younger was the invited speaker at a PCUSA spiritual retreat at Seven Springs Resort Oct. 21-23.

Elizabeth Wang (Computer Science) attended the Consortium for Computing Sciences in College Eastern Conference at Frostburg University, Oct. 28-29.

Paul Sielski (Mathematics) gave a math presentation at Mapletown Junior-Senior High School in late September.

Jim Bush (Mathematics) gave a live webinar for the Consortium for Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education.

Richard Blake and John Thompson (Library) hosted a workshop for Honors freshman in database research and citation creation software and personal file folders. Thompson also offered this workshop for Stover Scholars.

Brandon Szuminsky (Communication) successfully defended his dissertation at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in late October. His graduation ceremony was on December 17.

Larry Stratton (Stover Center) coordinated the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission’s quarterly meeting at Waynesburg University through the Stover Center in October.

Stratton spoke at the National Economics Teaching Association annual conference in Tampa, Florida, on the topic, “Connecting Constitutional Law to Economic History.” Stratton also discussed leadership and the Constitution at “Leadership Washington County” in Southpointe on Oct. 18. Dr. Stratton also discussed the Presidential Election and the Constitution at Noble Energy’s Southpointe headquarters at a forum titled, “Burgers, Brew, and Election News!”

Adam Jack (Criminal Justice) attended the Chesapeake Bay IAI conference at WVU in October.

Jack trained 10 Greene County Probation Officers in Use in Force of utilizing the Lasershot System in the CSI House (16 hours).

Chemistry faculty participated in National Chemistry week Oct. 24-28. The faculty and students celebrated Monday with the Periodic Table of Cupcakes, Tuesday with a Green Chemistry Webinar and Wednesday with a Mole Day Party. Additionally, 71 people attended the Haunted Lab hosted by the Chemistry department in late October.

Evonne Baldauff (Chemistry) and several student volunteers hosted the second session of College Chemistry Connection. Waynesburg Central students and teachers attended.

Eighteen students attended the Homeschool Lab hosted by the Chemistry Department. Evonne Baldauff and student volunteers were involved in the event.

Brad Davis, Heidi Fletcher and Chemistry students attended the SACP monthly meeting at Duquesne University.

Kelley Solomon (Education) attended WV State Reading Conference Nov. 16-18.

The Business Administration department hosted WU Biz Games. Gordon McClung and Jayne Olshanski were involved in the success of this event.

Tony Bocchini (Business Administration) completed professional training, “Accounting Ethics: Rules of Conduct.”

Eight accounting students and professor Jayne Olshanski (Business Administration) joined Bill Coates (Institutional Advancement) and Marie Coffman (Career Center) for the first-ever Waynesburg University visitation day at Schneider Downs, LLC.

Neeley Shaw (Business Administration) went to Canon-McMillan High School and talked to three Entrepreneurship classes about Waynesburg’s program. About 70 high school students participated.

Several Graduate and Professional Studies Nursing faculty and students presented posters at the 2016 Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders Nursing Conference in Gettysburg:

·         Kathleen Rosatti (MSN student), Sandralee Hartman, Christin Wentzel, Neil Amina, and Helen Burns presented a poster titled, “From Idea to Implementation: Development of a Nursing Professional Practice Evaluation Model.” This presentation was awarded the 3rd Place Poster Award.

·         Kimberly Whiteman, Kimberly Stephens, Brenda Swanson-Biearman, Mary Barkhymer, and Michele Lozito (DNP Graduate) presented a poster titled, “Good Catch Campaign: Improve the Perioperative Culture of Safety.”

·         Whiteman, Stephens, Swanson-Biearman, Melanie Heuston, and Elizabeth Tedesco (DNP Graduate) presented on “Implementation of Sepsis Alert Program in Medical-Surgical Units.”

Kimberly Stephens (GPS Nursing) also presented several posters alongside students and alumni at the 2016 Greater Pittsburgh Nursing Research Conference in Pittsburgh. Kimberly Whiteman (GPS Nursing) attended this conference, as well.

Deb Lewis (GPS Nursing) attended “Quality Improvement: A Guide for Integration in Nursing Webinar,” “Writing Success Strategies for Scholars in the Health Sciences Webinar,” “ANA How to Effectively Teach Ethics to Nursing Students Webinar,” and “Online Orientation to Support Distance Learners Webinar.”

Amy Randolph (English) facilitated a creative writing reading in McCance Auditorium in late October.

Bob Randolph (English) was one of six invited authors to comprise a panel to discuss writing and read from their work at Bowlby Library in Waynesburg in late October.

The education department hosted a Voices from the Field session, “Teacher Certification Horror Stories,” on Oct. 13. Ryan Devlin, 2007 WU graduate and 2013 PA Teacher of the Year, was the speaker at the event.

Devon Manderino (Graduate Counseling) and Bob Mehalik, a counseling doctoral student, offered a multicultural training at Centerville Clinics, Inc. The training was entitled, “Culture change in the workforce and what it means to healthcare.” The focus was on what culture is, what culture looks like in healthcare/medical health, and ways to offer culturally-competent care.

William Batchelder (Humanities) published, “The Counsel of Despair? Albert J. Nock on Self-Government” in the online journal The Imaginative Conservative on Sept. 22.

Karen Younger (Humanities) authored the introduction to a new edition of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, which was released in September by Race Point Publishing.

James Hepburn (Graduate Counseling) was accepted to present a workshop with one of Waynesburg’s doctoral counseling students, Nick Summa, at the Pennsylvania Counseling Association conference in November. Additionally, another doctoral student, Michelle Steimer, was accepted to co-present a workshop that focuses on the military population.

Several nursing faculty members presented posters at the Southwestern Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders 37th Annual Educational Conference in Farmington.  Kimberly Stephens (Graduate Nursing),  Kelly Heatherington and Peggy Hayden (part-time MSN faculty), Dr. Brenda Swanson-Biearman (part-time DNP faculty), and Anne Ward (part-time RN-BSN faculty) participated in the conference. Twelve current students and eight Waynesburg University alumni also presented as part of the event.

Yvonne Weaver (Education) attended the PA Education Dean’s Forum and Pennsylvania Association of Colleges of Teacher Education conference in Harrisburg Oct.26-28.

Jamie Dessart (English) had a paper accepted for presentation at the Popular Culture Association annual meeting in San Diego in March.

John Tiech (PT English) started writing high school football stories for the Herald-Standard newspaper.


Noteworthy student news:

Six Waynesburg University music majors passed auditions and secured a spot in the Pennsylvania Collegiate Choir of 2016. This is the first year for Waynesburg University Music students to represent at the Collegiate Choral Festival, which was held Nov. 4 and 5 at Susquehanna University.

Forensic Science Club students also worked as part of communities that Care, while ACS members performed demos for droves of Pittsburgh regional students at ChemFest at the Carnegie Science Center on Oct. 20 & 21.

During Fall Break, six Criminal Justice students and three Social Sciences students completed the Crisis Hotline Certification Training provided by the S.T.T.A.R.S. Program of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services Care Center in Waynesburg. The training consisted of 30 hours, Monday through Friday.

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James Tanda (Criminal Justice) coordinated Waynesburg’s involvement in the joint international training week for Vietnamese Law Enforcement officials in September.  Meetings started in July and August and a full delegation of 20 Law Enforcement officials were brought to campus by the American Scholar Group, seeking training in U.S. Policing, tactics, first response, criminal investigation, fire, explosion, and firearms. The training session, hosted by WU, was Sept. 29 with a full day of instruction, guest speakers, and work through interpreters.  Adam Jack (Criminal Justice), Tanda, and Mike Cipoletti (Forensic Science) instructed sessions for the delegation.  The Criminal Justice Club was involved, sponsoring parts of the day, and CJ student ambassadors participated in the event.

Sigma Beta Delta (Business honorary) was selected as an outstanding chapter for the 2015-16 academic year. Out of about 250 chapters, only three are awarded this honor each year. Dr. Tony Bochinni serves as president, and Neeley Shaw serves as chapter adviser.

Dr. Janet Paladino (Environmental Science) and Bill Coates (Institutional Advancement) wrote a proposal that resulted in $20,000 grant from EQT to restore/develop the urban forest trail.  Plans for the trail include the addition of an outdoor classroom, developing signage for the trail, building a bridge, planting additional native trees and vegetation, and erecting bird feeders.

Dr. Wayne Rossiter (Biology) attended the Athanatos Christian Arts & Apologetics Festival. He gave five presentations in all, mostly related to his books.  Dr. Rossiter’s first book was reviewed in SALVO magazine (June issue).   He was also a consultant on the science curriculum for Regina Academies (a Catholic private school group). He participated in designing some of the curriculum guidelines, which were approved by the board in June. 

Dr. Taunya Tinsley (GPS Counseling) successfully defended her dissertation at the United Theological Seminary. Her dissertation was entitled, “The Church as a Multicultural Sports Team: A Model for Ministry leadership Development for God’s Coaching Staff.” Dr. Tinsley will graduate on Dec. 16. 

Dr. Tinsley presented at the first annual Faith and Mental Health Conference in Brandywine, Md., Sept. 9. She presented on three topics: “Fostering the Relationship between Clergy and Mental Health,” “Educating Clergy and Lay Leaders,” and “Mental Health Challenges affecting Youth and the Elderly.” 

Brandon Szuminsky (Communication) presented at the SPJ/RTDNA national conference, Excellence in Journalism 2016 in New Orleans. He moderated a four-person Teaching Marathon panel and served as emcee of the national student journalism awards ceremony and served as Waynesburg’s campus chapter delegate. 

Faith Musko (Forensic Science) attended the National Science Foundation Sponsored Chemistry Collaborations, Workshops & Communities of Scholars Forensic Science Workshop at Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.

Dr. Ezekiel Olagoke (Sociology) was part of a group of scholars from the U.S. and Canada (14 participants) in the Calvin College Christian Scholars Conference in June; the presentation was entitled “Bodies of Christ, the Saga of the Son of God in America.”  Collective and individual presentations were given.  Dr. Olagoke is currently using one of the books read for the conference in his Cultural Differences class.

Dr. Olagoke was also part of 12 scholars and professors for the St. Johns/St. Benedict University, Collegeville, conference on Writing for a Broader Public in July. He gave two presentations. One of presentation is being peer-reviewed for publication.  

Dr. Olagoke had full scholarship/grant to cover the entire cost, transportation/air fare, food and accommodation at the two conferences above through the Lilly Endowment Foundation.

Adam Jack did a live stream lecture and tour of the CSI House to a Biotechnology/Forensics Class from Greensburg-Salem High School in late September. 

Dr. Julia Bausman applied to conduct research entitled, “Survey of Elementary Students’ Attitudes Toward School and Homework Before and After They Attend a Christian After-School Tutoring Program.”

RN to BSN student Carol Manown spoke at Mon Valley Hospital Innovations series on June 30, 2016. The topic was “How Do I Live With Cancer.” Ms. Manown is the clinical coordinator of the Mon Valley Hospital Cancer Center. During evidence-based practice courses at Waynesburg, she worked on survivorship plans for cancer patients. 

On Dr. Tony Bochinni’s (Business) recommendation, business major Victoria Robinson was selected as a Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants PB Chapter Scholarship recipient. 

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Dr. Karen Younger (Humanities) was the invited guest lecturer at the Western Pennsylvania Civil War Roundtable in Sewickley on Aug. 17. Her topic was “Lincoln’s Emancipation Plan in the Border States.”

Dr. Chad Sherman and Brandon Szuminsky (Communication) presented about framing newspaper coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference. Both were elected to board positions for the regional division of AEJMC. Szuminsky also presented during a teaching tips session at the conference.

Dr. Robert Bonser (Athletic Training) had a journal article accepted for publication in the Journal of Sports and Rehabilitation entitled, “Changes to Hamstring Range of Motion Following Neurodynamic Sciatic Sliders: A Critically Appraised Topic.” The abstract can be found here, and the article will be published soon. 

Dr. Bonser successfully defended his dissertation at the University of Idaho in late July. The dissertation is entitled, “Evaluation and Treatment of Chronic Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Conditions from a Regional Interdependence Perspective: A dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement.”

A poem by Dr. Bob Randolph (English), “Ambushed,” is out in Chiron Review (Issue 104, Summer 2016) on page 115.

Dr. Elizabeth Wang (Computer Science) attended the International Conference on Computing and Missions at Lancaster Bible College to present a paper on behalf of Alex Tenenbaum (Class of 2015). The paper is entitled, “The Role of Technology in Missions.” 

Norma J. Harper (Office of the Provost) began her 55th year at the University on Aug. 6. 


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