Dr. Karen Fisher Youngerb2ap3_thumbnail_younger.png
Chair, Humanities; Assistant Professor, History

Since 2012, Dr. Younger has taught American and religious history from her main classroom in Buhl 216. Now overseeing the Humanities department, Dr. Younger can be found in her office in Buhl 212.

How did you end up at Waynesburg University?

GOD’S PROVIDENCE! My husband received a call to a church in Pittsburgh in 2010, which meant I had to leave my job as the Manging Director of the Civil War Era Center at Penn State. I truly believed I would NEVER find, and then be hired for, a tenure–track position in the Pittsburgh area. In fact, I was contemplating returning to church ministry when the position opened up at Waynesburg. The fact that I was hired AND that Waynesburg is a Christian University is a dream come true. Really, it’s been a great life lesson for me: God is faithful.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

Buhl 216. It’s the room I teach all my classes, where I try to inspire students to love to learn, and where I have come to know so many amazing Waynesburg students.

What’s your favorite fun fact about WU?

In 1880 Susan B. Anthony visited Waynesburg College to advocate for women’s suffrage.

Tell us something we may not know about your job at WU.

My round-trip commute is 2 hours.

What makes WU a special place to work?

Everything! I get to be an unapologetic Christian in and out of the classroom. I work with extremely talented faculty. I’m encouraged by a terrific staff. I’ve made great friends. I travel with students around the world. What’s not to love?

Dr. Younger will be appearing in a documentary film, “The Daring Women of Philadelphia,” which will be produced by the Emmy-Award-winning studio History Making Productions. Read more about that here!