Hive Five with Evonne Baldauff

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Science_Day_2015_6_of_11.jpgEvonne Baldauff
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Forensic Science

What started as a split appointment between Waynesburg University and a local tech company, Evonne can hardly believe how the time has flown 9 years later. You can often find her in the glass hallway on the 5th floor of the recently-renovated Stewart Science Center, enjoying the opportunity to hang out with students and talk chemistry.

What's your favorite spot on campus?

We have a lab in Stewart Hall on the 5th floor with huge windows that has a fantastic view of Greene County. It is particularly beautiful on dark, stormy days!

Tell us something we may not know about your job at WU.

I research coffee! We have been collaborating with a local roaster in Pittsburgh to try to help develop a set of metrics that will allow a barista to know if their beans are good for brewing. Specifically, what is happening chemically to the beans once they have been roasted that will yield a really great cup of coffee vs. a mediocre flavor? Using our instrumentation, we have been working to identify what is happening in the beans compared with the flavor of the produced coffee. My students presented some of this information at a recent conference. It's a great project because we can potentially make a real impact and we get to drink a lot of coffee!

What's your favorite annual event?

The Haunted Lab, which is hosted by our ACS Student Chapter [of which Evonne is the advisor]. It is a service event open to campus and community that aims to get people interested in chemistry. It is a ton of work to set up, but a lot of fun. As my son has gotten older he has really begun to enjoy it more, which I absolutely love.

What's your most memorable WU moment?

For Christmas last year, my department members surprised me with a group picture. They posed as a Christmas tree complete with tinsel, Santa hats and reindeer noses in front of a Periodic Table. I can't help but laugh whenever I look at it. I think they had a lot of fun taking it too!

How has WU changed in the time you have worked here?

The renovation of Stewart Hall has been a huge change, as that is where I predominantly spend my days! The new labs are beautiful and provide a fantastic teaching environment!

BONUS: What does Homecoming at WU mean to you?

Because I am SO bad at keeping up with social media, Homecoming provides a hopeful opportunity for me to reconnect with former students and to learn what they are doing with their degrees!

To learn more about Evonne and the Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science, click here!

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