Hive Five with Laura Coss

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Laura Cossb2ap3_thumbnail_coss_20170223-151948_1.png
Assistant Controller

As a Waynesburg University graduate, Laura Coss ('05, '12) was ecstatic for the opportunity to return to her alma mater to continue her career. Eight years later, Laura is now the Assistant Controller and is involved with many finance-related matters at WU. You can find Laura in the Business Office on the second floor of Miller Hall.

Tell us something we may not know about your job at WU.

Have I mentioned lately how much fun accounting is? I know I've found the best fit in a career for me because it's super exciting when things balance!

What's your most memorable WU moment?

Accepting my MBA degree, with my seven-month-old daughter looking on is my most memorable moment. That day allowed me to truly understand and reflect on where the value of my education and experiences at WU had taken me. It's always important to take in those moments and give thanks.

What makes WU a special place to work?

WU is different from other companies I've worked for because there is something very special about the sense of community that is so important to the working environment here at WU. I've worked with many people through the years here that have shown me the importance of helping each other and working toward a common goal.

How has WU changed in the time you have worked here?

I see multiple programs developing and new hands-on experiences so crucial to students' learning (like the Trading Room [in Hanna Hall]). I've watched Roberts Chapel being constructed each day outside of our windows and the renovation of Stewart Science Hall. It's very exciting to see the transformation of our institution and how much it is positively impacting the advancement of our students.

What do you consider the most special or unique part of your job?

I find it interesting to be able to apply the knowledge developed as a WU student to my career now as a staff member of WU. (Shout out to Professor Bocchini for the straight-forward accounting basis!)

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