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b2ap3_thumbnail_Feldner.jpgLuke Feldner, senior forensic accounting major

Assurance intern at Ernst & Young in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Most hours of an accounting internship are spent behind a desk, possibly within a cubicle, in an office completing various tasks. However, Luke Feldner’s internship at Ernst & Young in Pittsburgh, Pa., allowed him to gain experience outside of the office as well by traveling to the “happiest place on Earth”: Walt Disney World. 

Feldner traveled to Orlando, Fla., to attend the International Intern Leadership Conference that Ernst & Young hosts annually for its interns around the world. During the weeklong conference, Feldner listened to speakers and attended workshops where he gained invaluable knowledge as an accounting pre-professional. 

In Pittsburgh, where he spent the majority of his internship, Feldner was assigned to audit teams for various corporate clients. He traveled with Ernst & Young employees to the clients’ headquarters to review their public financial statements for accuracy and reasonableness in accordance with a year-end audit. Some of the clients Feldner worked with include: American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., Rice Energy, Inc., Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies (Wabtec) and Westinghouse Electric Company. 

Feldner says that his internship “exceeded his expectations.” He acknowledges God, his classes and co-curricular activities at Waynesburg University for his rewarding time as an intern. 

“I felt prepared to work with audit teams due to the team aspect of the cross country and track and field teams I am a member of, as well as the knowledge I learned in the classroom,” said Feldner. “God granted me the opportunity to take a tremendous leap of faith. Through it, God never let me fall.” 


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A 40-hour-work week as an intern at Fulton Mortgage Company was more than processing mortgage applications, performing compliance checks and contacting employers and insurance companies for junior forensic accounting major Alyssa Daniel.

Her experience as a mortgage processor was something very few interns have the opportunity to experience: upbeat.

“I would have to say the funniest thing I did was help some people decorate our coworker's chair and desk with bubble wrap while he was at lunch,” Daniel jokingly said.

The ability to interact with her coworkers in a friendly, lighthearted manner was something memorable for Daniel, but her internship proved to be greater than good memories made with colleagues. It allowed the Manheim, Pa., native to grow accustomed to the type of office environment and career path she desires to obtain in the future.

From May 18 to August 9, Daniel worked in the office as a mortgage processor intern in which she had the opportunity to gain much knowledge in the field from day to day.

“My favorite aspect about the internship was learning to analyze tax returns to determine monthly income,” said Daniel.

With courses such as Investments and Federal Income Tax offered at Waynesburg University, Daniel was mentally prepared to take on her responsibilities at Fulton. Moreover, Daniel’s involvement in activities during semesters as a varsity tennis player; teaching assistant to Anthony Bocchini, professor of business administration at Waynesburg University; treasurer for American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and Waynesburg University women’s tennis Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s (FCA) representative, only accentuated her merit for the position.

“Alyssa was an excellent choice for Fulton because of her strong work ethic and her professional attitude,” said Bocchini.

Through a recommendation made by an employee at Fulton, Daniel was instructed how to apply for the internship. After submitting an application and participating in a phone interview, she was offered a position for the summer of 2013.

“I applied for the internship because I wanted to do something that would give me work experience in my major field as well as help boost my resume,” said Daniel.

Even already having an idea of the things she would be doing at her internship, Daniel was still unaware of what the day-to-day procedures would be when she stepped foot in the office.

“I didn't really know what to expect going into the internship, since I didn't know much about mortgage banking, but it was definitely an enjoyable experience,” said Daniel.

As a student, Daniel receives the business department scholarship, Leadership scholarship, Margaret Bell Miller scholarship and AB Miller scholarship at Waynesburg University, which illustrates the intensity of devotion she places on learning and growing academically.

That same commitment was also utilized during her internship, making the experience as a whole, a success.

“I learned a lot of new information this summer that I can take and apply to my career in the future,” said Daniel. “And on a personal level, I made friends and networking connections that I really value.”

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Brittany-Nimal-resized.jpgSince the fall of 2010, Brittany Nimal, a senior forensic accounting major at Waynesburg University, has served as a student worker in the University’s business office. There, she completes the bank reconciliations each month and maintains and updates spreadsheets pertaining to different accounts in the office.

“Brittany has proven herself over the past three years as a very dependable and highly driven person,” said Laura Cross, a senior accountant at Waynesburg University and a member of the University’s business office. “She is someone we can always count on. She has always utilized her time in the office to take a genuine interest in learning as much as she can to help prepare for her future.”

During her hours in the business office, Nimal accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, making her search for a summer 2013 internship that much easier. When she came across a recruitment table in the campus student union in the spring of 2013, Nimal knew her experience would stand out.

She spoke with a representative from the Bureau of Prisons, who, impressed with Nimal’s hands-on experience, encouraged her to contact the Business Office Supervisor at the Morgantown, W.Va., Institute. Nimal scheduled an interview and shared her highly developed skill set with her soon-to-be supervisor at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Federal Correctional Institute Morgantown.

“Brittany was our first student from Waynesburg University; we were impressed with her skill and knowledge base,” said Pam Miller, Nimal’s internship supervisor at FCI Morgantown. “She is obviously very intelligent, but her professionalism is her most outstanding quality. Everyone who met and worked with her was impressed with her kind attitude, genuine willingness to learn and professional etiquette.”

At the correctional institute, Nimal completed audit reviews, verifying questions about different areas and operations within the organization.

“I wanted experience in a different area of my field to help me decide which path I may want to pursue later,” Nimal said.

According to Miller, Nimal’s greatest accomplishment was handling the components of a new sector of accounting with grace and competence.

“Brittany was exposed to different components of accounting; thus, giving her a broader perspective of opportunities available within the government,” Miller said. “Hopefully, this introduction to the diverse accounting modules will help her make sound career choices and aid her in discovering areas that are most interesting to her.”  

Though she was initially nervous about working in an unfamiliar division of finance, Nimal said that her studies helped prepare her for experiences and situations she could encounter in a correctional environment.

“Waynesburg has helped me to appreciate the experience and take advantage of all the opportunities I received,” Nimal said.  “I made great connections by being at FCI Morgantown, and I now have federal connections that can help me get a job or lend advice later down the road.”


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