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As an information technology intern for the summer of 2013, one could reasonably expect Alexander Tenenbaum to sit behind a computer all day, troubleshooting issues and programming for clients. But the junior information technology major, known for his resourcefulness, faithfulness and perseverance, strategically secured an internship that perfectly blended not one, but two of his greatest passions.

Looking for an experience that would advance him both professionally and spiritually, Tenenbaum signed on with the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry in Boston, Mass. There, he completed information technology work and evangelized to college campuses including MIT, University of Massachusetts Boston and Northeastern University.

“Including me, there were eight interns from all across the country. On the Crusade team, we each had a ‘day job’ as well as a special assignment. Mine was spiritual development,” Tenenbaum said. “I helped to prepare and host bible studies for the interns.”

Through the many challenges of living with strangers, away from home and in a new city, Tenenbaum persevered so that he could learn more about his career field and spread God’s word in the process.

“It is so important to be Christ-like to people,” Tenenbaum said. “Visible actions like fixing houses and feeding the homeless are important but temporary. The houses will eventually need fixed again and the homeless will need fed again. Meanwhile, our spiritual interactions with them impacts eternity.” 

Tenenbaum said he felt prepared to host such interactions thanks to his participation in a prayer group at Waynesburg University and through his public speaking experiences and sociology classes. Working at the University’s Help Desk in information technology between classes made him stand out when applying to the internship program.

“My sociology classes have really helped me to understand why people of different religions and cultures believe the things that they do,” Tenenbaum said. “Waynesburg University has taught me to be more confident in my beliefs and to trust the Lord above all else.”

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