Business Office

The Office of Business & Finance manages the cashier, billing, collection and student account functions of the University.

Responsibilities of the Office of Business & Finance include:

  • Assisting students with questions about their accounts.
  • Assessment and collection of tuition and fees
  • Collection of fines
  • Imposition and release of financial holds on student accounts
  • Management of student installment payments
  • Refunds and disbursements
  • Disbursement of payroll checks

Billing Process

Request a billing statement

The Office of Business & Finance is located in Miller Hall, second floor, room 209.

Office Phone: 724-852-3385 OR 724-852-3298

Waynesburg University Payment Plan
(Undergraduates Only)

Waynesburg University offers a yearly payment plan of 10 payments (fall and spring) or a semester plan of 5 payments (for fall or spring). The terms and conditions of the plan are:


  1. Request a Payment Plan (online form)
  2. The school will send you a payment plan contract
  3. Sign and return one copy of the payment plan contract
  4. Submit annual application fee of $40 ($30 if semester plan) with your first payment.

Budget Amounts/Payments

  • 10 Month Payment Plan - The total annual budget amount is payable in ten (10) equal installments due by the last day of each month beginning in July preceding the academic year for which costs are budgeted.
  • 5 Month Payment Plan (Fall) - The total fall budget amount is payable in five (5) equal installments due by the last day of each month beginning in July preceding the academic term for which costs are budgeted.
  • 5 Month Payment Plan (Spring) - The total spring budget amount is payable in five (5) equal installments due by the last day of each month beginning in December preceding the academic term for which costs are budgeted.

Only annual charges billed by Waynesburg University may be budgeted. Budgeting in the 10 payment plan is not permitted on a semester or term basis. All payments made through WUPP will be credited directly to the student's account. The initial payment plan may need to be re-budgeted if additional charges/fees are applied. Refunds to participants for any reason will be handled through normal university refund and credit procedures.

Fee and other charges

The $40.00 annual application fee ($30 if semester plan) is non-refundable. Waynesburg University will assess a $40.00 service charge against your account for any payment returned for insufficient funds or which is not collectible for any other reason.

Failure to pay

In the event of failure of a participant to pay any installment amount within 15 days of the due date, enrollment in the WUPP may be terminated. Any remaining balance will be due in full to Waynesburg University Business Office.

If you have any questions concerning the WUPP contact the business office at 724.852.3385, or 724.852.3298. Please call Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Websites - Entrance and Exit interviews for Perkins, Nursing, and NFLP loan programs - Tax information for students

Billing FAQ’s

When will I receive a bill?
We bill by semester, fall bills are sent around the end of June and spring bills are sent in mid – late November.
When are bills due?
The Fall bill is due mid August and the spring bill is due the beginning of January.
I have a label on my bill what does this mean?
If there is additional information or additional action needed we may place a label on your bill as a reminder or to provide you with additional contact information.
Are Federal Work Study funds applied to the tuition balance?
No, if you have been awarded Federal Work Study funds these funds are not credited to your bill. If you obtain a job on campus you will receive a monthly paycheck for the hours you worked.
Why are the loan amounts on my aid award letter different from the amount showing on my billing statement?
The loan amounts on your aid award letter are a gross amount. The lender takes a fee out of the loan prior to disbursement to the school therefore the amount on the bill reflects the actual net loan amount the lender will disburse.
I am receiving an outside scholarship that isn’t reflected on my bill what do I do?
If you receive scholarships from outside sources that are not showing on your award letter or billing statement please contact the Financial Aid office and the Business Office to discuss how it will affect your bill.
If I would like to inquire into additional financing for my balance who should I contact?
If you are inquiring into additional aid/loan options please contact the Financial aid office at 724-852-3208. There is also information available on the University website under the Financial Aid Office.
How can I pay my bill?
You can pay with a check by mail, online on our website by ACH or credit card, or over the phone with a credit card.
Can I make payments on the balance due?
Yes, we offer a 10 month payment plan for the academic year that runs from July through April. We take the total of your Fall bill and estimate the Spring bill and divide it by 10 months. There is an annual application fee of $40 which is due with your first monthly payment. If you are interested in a payment plan you can contact the Business Office for an estimate.
When will my refund be processed?
If you have financial aid or payments that exceed the cost of your semester charges a refund will be issued to you (or parent if designated on a plus loan) once aid funds have disbursed to the account and a credit is showing. No refund will be issued until after the start of the semester.
Can I use my refund to buy my books?
If you are relying on your refund to buy books please note that semester refunds are not processed until after the start of the semester. The timing of when the refund is processed is contingent on the disbursement of your aid and/or payments.
Will I receive a new bill if there have been changes to my Financial Aid Award?
No, after the initial billing for the semester the only time a new bill is automatically generated is if there is a change to the charges. If you receive a new award letter from the Financial Aid office please contact the Business Office and we will go over the account with you and send out a revised statement.
Can my parents or other relatives call to receive information about my bill or tuition account?
If you would like family members to be able to inquire into your financial account we have a release form that you need to complete. You will need to provide us with the names of the people that you are granting us permission to discuss your billing account with. This form will be mailed with the billing statement and is also available online in the Billing section of the New Student tab when you log into myconnect. We request this from students to protect their privacy and to comply with Federal privacy laws.

If you have any questions or problems in regard to your tuition account, billing statement, or payments please contact the Business Office and we will be happy to review the account with you. You can contact the Business Office at 724-852-3298, 724-852-3385, 724-852-3403 or