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In Their Words: Erin Onderko

Onderko reflects on landing her dream internship

Erin Onderko Mar 3, 2023

So often the psychology field is thought of as just one track. You're going to be a psychology major and then you'll finish and be a counselor.

[So], it's been refreshing to see so many of my classmates making their own paths and not going with what everyone stereotypes psychology as. 

Waynesburg has helped me to reach the job I've wanted since I was in junior high."

Now moving on, I'm going to the internship of my dreams. It's highly competitive. I was told I had a 98% chance of being rejected. The psych department really has prepared me well for those next steps and enabled me to get this competitive internship.

I will be on track to become a child life specialist and not a lot of people know what that job is. Essentially, my job is to help ensure that children and families, when they come to the hospital, even if it's just for a day procedure or if it's for a really long stay, that no matter what they're there for, they are coping well and they understand what's going on in this big world around them that can be really unfamiliar and honestly quite frightening.

It's not just your department or your close group of friends you met in orientation that are going to be your support through those four years. There's people all over this campus that you might not even realize at first are there to support you.

Waynesburg has helped me to reach the job I've wanted since I was in junior high.

I have been a Fiat Lux mentor for the freshman class for three years and every year, my favorite thing to tell the students is, "Welcome to your second home."