The SuperComputing Science Consortium, (SC)2, is the partnership of Waynesburg University, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia University, the West Virginia Office of Technology, and Duquesne University. The partnership improves the ability of all institutions to advance energy and environment technologies through the application of high performance computing and communications (HPCC).

On the WU campus, this partnership allowed the CRED to improve technology use and provide professional development. The CRED recruited an interdisciplinary faculty team to attend a Computational Modules in Science Teaching session through the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. This session allowed faculty members to further understand how supercomputers can be utilized in the classroom.

The CRED has also utilized this partnership to work with Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory to discuss future regional programming around high performance computing and energy issues. This partnership led to hosting a program for companies interested in Department of Energy funding and partner opportunities. The program had 45 attendees with 12 companies represented.

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