The Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program at Waynesburg University is a professional development provider for in-service and pre-service educators. As the TPS Eastern Region Coordinator, WU works with colleges and other educational organizations across the eastern United States to deliver programs that help teachers use the Library of Congress' rich reservoir of digitized primary source materials to design challenging, high-quality instruction. In addition to the regional program, the local TPS program has hosted professional development programs for current teachers and librarians within the area.

WU has also integrated the TPS program into the curriculum for graduate and undergraduate education programs. Amy Pohodich Thornton, a 2009 alumna of the Master of Education Program at Waynesburg University, and Gared Chrismer, a 2009 alumnus of the undergraduate education program, collaborated on an elementary-level learning activity that was selected for inclusion in Teaching with Primary Sources Journal. The national publication is issued by the Library of Congress.

Teaching with Primary Sources provides teachers with tools to investigate and contextualize historical materials with students in their classrooms. There are millions of primary sources, including maps, photos, films, sound recordings, manuscripts and more available to teachers from the Library of Congress at By providing resources for high-quality instruction, Waynesburg University is able to enhance teaching and learning across the region.

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