Waynesburg University has partnered with Ten Thousand Villages, a fair-trade organization, for over five years. Each year at Christmas time, students, faculty and staff volunteer their time to provide fair-trade goods to the community by opening a shop in downtown Waynesburg.

Ten Thousand Villages is a win-win-win program as it serves the community and the world in many ways. It is educational with regard to international cultures and economics. Through Ten Thousand Villages sales, one directly impacts the lives of real, small business artisans in locations where the only other alternatives would be unjust wages and poverty. The store contributes to a niche in the retail market in Waynesburg that is otherwise left empty. Lastly, the store sales contribute to Waynesburg University’s Mission Scholarship Fund. Through this fund, students are able to serve their community and the world through mission’s trips that they would otherwise not be able to participate in if they had not received a mission scholarship.

Over the past five years, Ten Thousand Villages has increased its success in Waynesburg. In early November 2009, the storefront opened on High Street and closed in late December. During this time the shop grossed over $13,000 in sales. With this sales amount, Waynesburg University raised $2,030 for the Mission Scholarship Fund. Through the Ten Thousand Villages partnership, Waynesburg University is able to support fair trade and continue to serve the world.

Ten Thousand Villages Website