Research is an important part of academic scholarship. Engaging in research helps student to develop essential practical skills by applying their knowledge in order to solve problems and make advancements to our understanding of a particular field. Research venues such as our Undergraduate Research Symposium provide an important professional forum to recognize our student’s research endeavors and to facilitate collaborative scientific dialog. This research symposium will also be an important opportunity for underclass students to become oriented in the practice of research and to sample potential projects and ideas for their future research participation. Additionally, public speaking and presenting are essential career-related skills that are honed through participation in research symposia such as this.

Many disciplines have their own research forums, however, with our Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium we hope to bring together students and faculty from many diverse disciplines in order to collectively celebrate the research contributions that all of our students make in their respective fields here at Waynesburg University.

Katrina Kelly and Dr. Chad Sethman

Fifth Annual Symposium was Saturday, April 18, 2015
Student Mentor Title
Amanda Hobe Michael Cipoletti What’s in Your Supplements?
Cara Petrone Dr. Heidi Fletcher Microdialysis Sampling of Insulin Using Synthesized β–Cyclodextrin Silica Glass Beads
Christena Provost Faith Musko Does the Location of a Soil Sample Affect the Degradation of DNA in Wild Boar Ribs?
Anna Vith Michael Cipoletti Ignitable Liquid Recovery from Footwear of Everyday Use
Nicole Wilson Dr. Marietta Wright Determination of Salivary Alpha-Amylase Levels Based on Various Sleep Amounts
Below are examples from the Third Annual Symposium held Saturday, April 20, 2013




Andrew B. Armor Bryan Hamilton The effect of Leg Anaerobic and Aerobic leg exercises on the growth of Elbow Flexors
Harley Davidson Wayne Rossiter Lake size predicts Variation of parasite prevalence and intensity
Kelsey Geehring Chad Sethman The Effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus on the Health of Human Skin
Ashley Gudenburr Bryan Hamilton Determining the Accuracy of Visual Memory in College-aged People
Jeffrey Johns Chad Sethman Transmission of Antibiotic Resistance Between Pathogenic MRSA and Non-pathogenic Microbes
Matthew McNeil Marietta Wright Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Organic and Non-Organic Food
Mandy Morrison Wayne Rossiter Crayfish Population Density and Size Distribution of Orconectes obscurus Among Pool, Riffle and Run Habitats
Samantha Obradovich Janet Paladino Mutagenicity of Water Samples from Local Streams Impacted by Coal Processing Facilities
Jessica Shaffer Chad Sethman Comparison of the Efficiency of Bacterial Transport Among Three Clinical Specimen Transport Systems
Ashley Sholtis Wayne Rossiter The Energetic Impacts of the Trematode Posthodiplostomum minimum on Freshwater Sunfish(Lepomis spp.)
Samuel Sprowls Donald Beezhold Determination of Effective Elution Buffers for Extracting Viral RNA from Personal Protective Equipment
Below are examples from the Second Annual Symposium held in 2012
Student Mentor(s) Title
Brandon Grainy Elesha Coffman
Larry Stratton
John Knox and the Court Packing Scheme
Tyler Hellwig Chad Sethman The antimicrobial effect of different toothpastes on Streptococcus mutans bacteria
Melissa Renee Jack Marietta Wright Acceptance and Knowledge of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and its Vaccine Amongst College Students
Katrina Kelly Melany Chrash
Chad Sethman
Spread the Word, Attitudes and Awareness of Human Papillomavirus and Vaccinations
Alina Meden Bryan Hamilton
Marietta Wright
The Observance of the Visual Reaction Time of Non-Athletes Compared to Athletes
Danielle Mellott Janet Paladino An Analysis of the Water Quality in Brown's Run Reservoir in Greene County, PA
Lauren Minor Bryan Hamilton Assessment of the Relationship between Pre-practice Hydration Status and Hydration Education in High School, NAIA, and NCAA Division III Collegiate Athletes
Kimberly Patnaude Michael Cipoletti Portable Raman analyzer's performance in the detection of controlled drugs
Amy Walker Chad Sethman The effects of the herbicide, Paramount when applied to pre- and post-emergent switchgrass plots that have been treated with a nitrogen-enriched fertilizer

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