October 10, 2012, Dr. Jack Halow and two of his research students, Kerri Holsopple and Ben Crawshaw have an article titled "Observed Mixing Behavior of Single Particles in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed of Higher-Density Particles" published on the web by the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Copyright © 2012 American Chemical Society . Click here to read article.

Dr. Jack Halow, Lecturer of Chemistry, is researching a novel method to study solids movement and circulation in small scale fluidized beds used for processing materials. The spouted fluidized beds that he is studying are used in the pharmaceutical, food, ore smelting, energy and chemical manufacturing industries. Current methods to measure this process require very expensive NMR/CAT scan equipment like those used medical diagnostics or involve the use of highly radioactive tracers have safety risks.

Halow's research avoids these problems by using safe and inexpensive magnetic tracers and magnetic field measuring equipment. A magnetic tracer particle moving with the solids in the bed is detected and tracked by magnetic field probes outside the bed. Findings can improve many fluidized bed processes where solids circulation patterns are critical to the process. A technical paper has been published (on line) in the ACS (American Chemical Society) journal Industrial and Engineering Chemistry in September, 2009. A hard copy of the technical paper was published in June's issue of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Publication (Volume 49, Number 11). A technical presentation was given at the 2009 Annual Conference for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). The project has also been presented by student researchers, Emily Patterson at the national ACS meeting, March, 2009 and Kerri Holsopple at the National ACS meeting, March 2010 and several regional undergraduate research meetings. Those interested in viewing his paper can contact him directly.

Fluidized Bed Presentation (pdf)

Jack Halow
Lecturer of Chemistry