Janet Paladino, Assistant Professor of Biology, along with student researcher Dorothy Rurak, is researching and creating a sustainability plan that will outline policies, programs, and practices that aim to conserve natural resources, reduce the impact on the environment and create a community who is actively engaged in caring for God's creation. Sustainable goals will be targeted toward the following functional areas: academics, energy, water, food, solid waste, transportation, procurement of funding, building for the future, community engagement and connectivity to God's creation. Paladino's research will benefit the University and community by providing a model of sustainability for other institutions, and the society at large.

A newly formed sustainability committee initiated the research. There are several sustainable outcomes that have resulted from this committee in conjunction with Paladino's research.

Sustainable Outcomes

  • Reducing energy consumption through a Campus Climate Challenge
    • Buildings were challenged to conserve energy through personal changes. The program was successful as many buildings saved a significant amount of energy. Some buildings saved 29% electricity or 20,622 kWh.
  • Expanding the recycling program
    • Student workers were hired to better tend to the campus recycling needs
  • Switching to green cleaning products used in food services
  • Monitoring mercury deposition on the Waynesburg University campus
  • Replacing all academic and administrative lights with low energy solutions
    • The switch will save 413,887 kWh or the equivalent of planting 9,793 trees
  • Researching service learning based environmental outreach program with student researcher, Dorothy Rurak.

Environmental Conference Poster

Janet Paladino
Assistant Professor of Biology