Marietta Wright, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Elizabeth Wang, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, are partnering together to build learning software to help students understand the concept of Mendelian Genetics. In this branch of genetics, alleles are used to define the genetic make-up of an organism. There are many combinations of alleles that create the traits of the organism.

Statistical analysis, through the use of software, helps genetic scientists and students understand genetic concepts and aids in the understanding of probabilities and likelihoods of obtaining a particular trait. Wang and Wright are collaborating to develop a learning tool for introductory biology students to learn the statistical analysis, or the Chi-square test, associated with Mendelian Genetics. The researchers are studying the effects of the software on student learning goals and will submit a paper for publication with the results at the conclusion of the project. The software will be introduced to advanced high school biology classes especially for those students who want to learn genetics but without statistics background.

Baoying (Elizabeth) Wang
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Marietta F. Wright
Assistant Professor of Biology