Professional Preparation Program at Waynesburg University

Waynesburg University offers a number of pre-professional programs for students interested in graduate studies in law, medical, dental, veterinary and physical therapy. If you’re on the track to receive a professional degree in one of these areas, you’ll be assigned a pre-professional advisor in your area of choice. Your pre-professional advisor complements your major advisor and

  • aids in course selection with an eye for skills professional schools seek
  • helps students to prepare for professional entrance examinations
  • guides student through professional school selection and admission processes

Programs Offered

Pre-Law Program

Students from Waynesburg University have graduated from a diverse range of majors and successfully entered law school. Those who plan to become attorneys must excel academically and score well on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). They need to gain admittance to law school and master their legal studies. Finally, to practice law, students need to pass the bar examination.

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental and Pre-Veterinary Programs

A student may complete major work in any department of the University as long as the student completes the basic science courses required by all of the professional schools:

  • One year of biology or zoology
  • One year of organic chemistry and
  • One year of physics

Because most professional schools now require four years of pre-professional studies, most Waynesburg students interested in these programs pursue a Bachelor of Science degree by majoring in either biology or chemistry. A student should become acquainted with the specific requirements of the school of his or her choice and must complete any special courses required in addition to the basic admission requirements.

The pre-medical and pre-dental programs are under the direction of a Faculty Pre-Health Professions Committee, composed of one faculty member each from biology, chemistry and physics. The committee makes recommendations for admission to dental and medical schools. Any student interested in a health professions career should register with the committee sometime within the first semester of his or her freshman year. Students deciding on such careers after their freshman year should register with the committee as soon as possible.

Prior to making application to any medical school, a student is required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This test should be taken during the student’s junior year. Information about the MCAT is available through the American Association of Medical Colleges website at

Most dental schools require that students take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). Information about the DAT is available through the American Dental Association website at

Applicants to schools of Veterinary medicine should check each individual institution’s admissions requirements to determine which exam is required (VCAT, MCAT or GRE).

Pre-Physical Therapy Program

The Pre-Physical Therapy Program at Waynesburg University is designed to serve the pre-professional needs of students planning to specialize in physical therapy. It is also excellent preparation for graduate study. The University’s strength as a liberal arts institution, combined with 200 hours of practical experience through internships in a variety of clinical settings, will help thoroughly prepare students for a career in physical therapy. The curriculum includes lecture and laboratory courses in evaluation and rehabilitation.

Academic Curriculum

Academic curriculum for Professional Preparation is based on providing you with a solid foundation in your chosen field.

When combined with core classes and a close relationship with your academic advisor, you will enter into a customized curriculum designed to prepare you for success in graduate school and beyond.

Professional Preparation

Lawrence Stratton

Associate Professor of Ethics and Constitutional Law - Director of the Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership

Administration Professional Preparation

I have learned so much at Waynesburg. The professors give us a support system. They know you and they know what will make you successful. I have had this fire in me to change the world since I was in 8th grade. With the opportunities that I have been given, I know that it is just a matter of time before I do.
Isaiah Cochran, Class of 2015