Faculty & Staff Results 181 - 200 of 222

  • Genna Steele

    Genna Steele

    Academic Projects and Grants Coordinator

    E: gsteele@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7660
  • Kimberly Stephens

    Kimberly Stephens

    Co-Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program - Assistant Professor of Nursing

    E: kpstephe@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 743-7616
  • Zachary Sterling

    Zachary Sterling

    Assistant Football Coach

    E: zsterlin@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3230
  • Matthew Stokan

    Matthew Stokan

    Director of Financial Aid

    E: mstokan@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3227
  • Kathy Stolfer

    Kathy Stolfer

    Interim Director of Nursing - Associate Professor of Nursing

    E: kstolfer@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3207
  • Kristen Stone

    Kristen Stone

    Network Analyst

    E: kstone@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7798
  • William Stough

    William Stough

    Assistant Professor of Business Administration

    E: wstough@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3458
  • Lawrence Stratton

    Lawrence Stratton

    Associate Professor of Ethics and Constitutional Law - Director of the Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership

    E: lstratto@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7702
  • Matthew Stultz

    Matthew Stultz

    Communication Specialist

    E: mstultz@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7792
  • Jessica Sumpter

    Jessica Sumpter

    Director of Online Programs

    E: jsumpter@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 743-2256
  • Joshua Sumpter

    Joshua Sumpter

    Instructor of Biblical and Ministry Studies - Assistant Chaplain

    E: jdsumpte@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7717
  • Jill Sunday

    Jill Sunday

    Director of the Writing Center

    E: jsunday@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3224
  • Takashi Suyama

    Takashi Suyama

    Assistant Professor

    E: tsuyama@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3283
  • James Tanda

    James Tanda

    Director of Security Operations and Emergency Management - Instructor of Criminal Justice

    E: jtanda@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3371
  • Janet Teagarden

    Janet Teagarden


    E: jteagard@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3347
  • Adrienne Tharp

    Adrienne Tharp

    Coordinator of the Bonner Scholar Program

    E: atharp@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3460
  • John Thompson

    John Thompson

    Librarian IV - Professor

    E: jthompso@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7668
  • Timothy Thyreen

    Timothy Thyreen


    E: thyreen@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7777
  • James Tinnemeyer

    James Tinnemeyer

    Vice President for Student Services - Dean of Students - University Chaplain - Assistant Professor

    E: jtinneme@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-3271

    The Rev. James Tinnemeyer serves the University in a number of capacities. In his role as Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students, Tinnemeyer manages and oversees student support services and the programs necessary to ensure student success and a quality campus life. He plans and ...

  • Barbara Tuggle

    Barbara Tuggle


    E: btuggle@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3230