Faculty & Staff Results 81 - 100 of 222

  • Amy Hartman

    Amy Hartman

    Instructor of Nursing

    E: ahartman@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7776
  • Ronald Headlee

    Ronald Headlee

    Head Wrestling Coach - Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach

    E: rheadlee@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3338 or 852-336
  • Bradley Heethuis

    Bradley Heethuis

    Men's Head Soccer Coach - Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

    E: bheethui@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-3424
  • Laura Heethuis

    Laura Heethuis

    Women's Head Soccer Coach - Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

    E: lheethui@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-852-7694
  • Andrew Heisey

    Andrew Heisey

    Chairperson for the Fine Arts Department-Assistant Professor of Art

    E: aheisey@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3274
  • Thomas Helmick

    Thomas Helmick

    Director of Human Resources

    E: thelmick@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3210
  • James Hepburn

    James Hepburn

    Program Director for the Master of Arts in Counseling-Program Director for the Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Education-Professor of Psychology

    E: jhepburn@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 743-2257
  • Kathy Hicks

    Kathy Hicks


    E: khicks@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3304
  • Lina Hixson

    Lina Hixson

    Interim Director of the RN/BSN Progra - Assistant Professor of Nursing

    E: lhixson@waynesburg.edu
    P: 724-743-7614
  • Michael Humiston

    Michael Humiston

    Director of the Department of Public Safety - Head Baseball Coach

    E: mhumisto@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3390
  • Adam Jack

    Adam Jack

    Chairperson for the Criminal Justice and Social Sciences Department - Director of Graduate Criminal Investigation - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

    E: ajack@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3423
  • Jenny Jellison

    Jenny Jellison

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    E: jjelliso@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3242
  • Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones

    Head Women's Basketball Coach - Head Golf Coach

    E: sjones@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3292
  • Michele Karpathian

    Michele Karpathian

    Professor of Psychology

    E: mkarpath@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3231
  • Eleanor Kiger

    Eleanor Kiger


    E: ekiger@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3248
  • Barbara Kirby

    Barbara Kirby

    Director for the Center for Research and Economic Development - Project Director for the Teaching with Primary Sources Program

    E: bkirby@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3388
  • Chaley Knight

    Chaley Knight

    University Counselor

    E: cknight@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-7703
  • Richard Krause

    Richard Krause

    Chairperson for the Communication Department - Assistant Professor of Communication

    E: rkrause@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3240
  • Debra Kuis

    Debra Kuis


    E: dkuis@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3374
  • Laura Lawrence

    Laura Lawrence

    Executive Assistant to the President

    E: lawrence@waynesburg.edu
    P: (724) 852-3396