What we Believe

Through our spiritual opportunities and programs, we'll provide everything you need to establish, explore and cultivate a relationship with Christ. Waynesburg students gather to share ideas and leave fingerprints worldwide through their passion for learning and service. Faith is an integral part of our mission and is reinforced in the classroom. Our professors will provide you with opportunities to discuss theory and application of faith in your profession. We would love for you to come and experience the sense of community that fosters spiritual growth.

We want to prepare you for life after college by providing a variety of experiences for you to find your true calling. You may choose to practice your faith every Tuesday at Chapel, in your classes, in a prayer or Bible study group, through your artwork, while you're serving others or in your own individual way.

What You'll Do 

Our students, faculty and staff spend hours and hours (50,000 to be exact) each year working to improve the lives of others. You bring your servant heart to Waynesburg University, and we'll help you to build others up while building your own resume and knowledge base.

At Waynesburg, we connect serving with learning, a distinguishing feature in academia. While we help you develop your skills and talents on your academic journey, we will provide you with opportunities to use them to serve others along the way.

As a nursing student, you'll assist the local community with clinics and health fairs. As a communication student, you'll hold events, host live broadcasts and create marketing materials for local nonprofits. As an education student, you'll practice your trade and aid those in need with a University-sponsored reading clinic. As a business student, you'll perform free tax assistance for local families.

For more information about service at Waynesburg University, click here.