b2ap3_thumbnail_3-9-Crosby-lecture_Gray.jpgWaynesburg University will host guest speaker Dr. Harry Gray Tuesday, March 29, at 7:30 p.m. in Alumni Hall as part of the Glenn A. and Jane L. Crosby Lecture Series. Admission is free, and the public is cordially invited to attend. 

Gray is the Arnold O. Beckman professor of chemistry and the founding director of the Beckman Institute at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Gray has published more than 850 research papers and 18 books related to chemical bonding, elements and the field of organic chemistry. 

“Dr. Gray is a renowned and well-respected chemist,” said Evonne Baldauff, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science and associate professor of chemistry. “Having him visit campus and interact with our students is a fantastic opportunity. He is an engaging speaker, and I anticipate that those attending the Crosby Lecture will gain an understanding of the ways scientists are working to advance solar energy capture and conversion.”  

Gray’s lecture, “The 21st Century Solar Army,” will address the current trend of designing solar-driven molecular machines that could be used on a global scale to store solar energy. Since storing solar energy for use at night is a challenge in the industry, Gray will discuss what he and his fellow researchers have been doing to address the problem. 

Gray has made inspirational contributions to the understanding of chemical bonding of metal complexes, mechanisms of inorganic reactions, spectroscopy and magneto-chemistry of inorganic compounds. He received the Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 2004 for “pioneering work in bioinorganic chemistry, unraveling novel principles of structure and long-range electron transfer in proteins.” Gray is also the recipient of the National Medal of Science from President Ronald Regan in 1986.

The Glenn A. and Jane L. Crosby Lectures, funded by 1950 Magna Cum Laude graduates of Waynesburg University, Glenn A. and Jane Lichtenfels Crosby, bring to the University visiting scholars who are distinguished in their disciplines. During the visit, the scholars often interact with faculty, staff and students, giving guest lectures in classes, formal presentations and informal group talks. The event culminates in a final public lecture.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_3-8Wayne-Rossiter.jpgDr. Wayne Rossiter, assistant professor of biology at Waynesburg University, recently released his latest book, “Mind Over Matter: The Necessity of Metaphysics in a Material World.” 

“Today, Christians are routinely mocked and ridiculed as being ignorant and out of step with modern science and philosophy,” said Rossiter. “This book offers a defense against these charges by offering sound responses to the most common arguments mounted against faith in God.”

The book provides a practical and easy-to-use guide for anyone looking to respond to the toughest and most common objections to religious faith. 

Rossiter’s new book, in addition to a previous book, “Shadow of Oz: Theistic Evolution and the Absent God,” have provided Rossiter with the opportunity to be a guest on multiple podcast shows discussing the ideas behind his publications.

He recently participated in a series of podcasts on “ID the Future” and Tom Wheaton’s “The University Next Door,” as well as an interview on WORD-FM in Pittsburgh, Pa. He anticipates appearances on Greg Koukl’s “Stand to Reason” and David Wheaton’s “The Chrisitian Worldview” in the near future.

“I think it’s just fun to see how others in your field have interpreted your work, and the sorts of questions or concerns they have,” said Rossiter.

Rossiter has also been invited to speak at the University of Pennsylvania’s Erie campus and 2016 Christian Scientific Society conference. Additionally, he has been contacted by a parochial school in Philadelphia, Pa., about their interest in using his latest book on a large scale, and a minister in Malawi who thanked him for the book and has asked for his help in their mission field.

Rossiter believes the 18 to 34 year-old group is the most engaged in the issues like the ones covered in his book, which is why he feels his work can benefit Waynesburg University students. 

Rossiter received his B.S. from Otterbein University, his M.S. from Ohio State University and his Ph.D. from Rutgers University.

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Dr. Xela Batchelder, assistant professor of arts administration and chair of the Department of Fine Arts at Waynesburg University, presented at the recent Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) conference in New York City.

Batchelder’s presentation, “Making Career Decisions,” focused on identifying resources, such as skills and degrees, necessary for starting out in the performing arts field or launching a new career within the field. She presented alongside three other higher education professionals in arts administration and arts management.

“I enjoy being able to help students and professionals who are at a turning point in their careers and teach them about opportunities they may not have known existed,” said Batchelder.

Batchelder has attended the APAP conference since 2009. She is also the chair of a special panel for the Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE), which is represented at the APAP conference.

“As the director of an arts administration program, I think it is an honor to represent AAAE at the APAP conference,” said Batchelder. “I enjoy networking and keeping up with what is happening in the field.”

Eventually, it is her goal to bring Waynesburg University students with her to the APAP conference so that they can learn about job opportunities first-hand and have a chance to network with important and influential professionals in the field.

Batchelder joined Waynesburg University in 2015. She received a M.A. from St. Andrews University and a M.A. and Ph.D., from The Ohio State University.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_1-19-Richard-Pierce.jpgDr. Richard Pierce, associate professor of English at Waynesburg University, was recently published in the 20th anniversary issue of Windhover, a literary journal published by the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. 

Pierce’s poem, “Let Fire Come Down,” is a prayer poem in which the speaker fervently asks God to change his heart, to make him feel better, and to love and serve Him and others.

“Anytime someone publishes your work or asks you to give a public reading, it is a good feeling,” said Pierce. “So much of a writer’s life is spent behind the scenes – or rather in front of the page or a computer screen – it is nice to feel appreciated and to meet other writers and readers.”

Pierce was also invited to lead a public reading of his poetry at the February 2015 Windhover Writers’ Festival in Belton, Texas, in which his participation is seen as a benefit to his creative writing students at Waynesburg.

“It can help me keep them abreast of contemporary Christian literary writers they should study,” said Pierce.

Pierce holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a master’s degree from Ohio University and the University of Illinois and a doctorate in creative writing and literature from Texas Tech University.

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During spring break, 48 Waynesburg University students will serve outside of the Waynesburg community, both domestically and abroad. University faculty and staff will lead three Faith, Learning and Service Immersion Trips, covering a variety of academic and professional interests.

The projects include partnerships with The Pittsburgh Project in Pittsburgh, Pa., Habitat for Humanity Work Camp in Concord, N.C., and Strong Missions in Carrillos, Costa Rica.

The Pittsburgh Project – Pittsburgh, Pa.

Twenty Waynesburg University students will serve The Pittsburgh Project (TPP) for a weeklong work camp Sunday, March 6, through Friday, March 11. Adrienne Tharp, coordinator of the Bonner Scholar Program, will serve as the trip leader.

Located on the north side of Pittsburgh, TPP is a Christian community development organization that serves vulnerable homeowners in neighborhoods throughout the city by providing home repairs. TPP is committed to meeting the needs of the Pittsburgh community and providing inner-city housing ministries.

Habitat for Humanity Work Camp – Concord, N.C.

Eighteen students will spend their spring break in Concord, N.C., from Sunday, March 6, through Saturday, March 12. Chad Sherman, assistant professor of communication, and Brandon Szuminsky, instructor of communication, will serve as trip leaders.

To address substandard housing issues in North Carolina, students will serve with the Lake Norman, N.C., Habitat for Humanity affiliate to assist in building homes for residents.

Strong Missions – Carrillos, Costa Rica

Ten Waynesburg University students will spend part of their spring break from Saturday, March 5, through Sunday, March 13, working with Strong Missions. 

Located in Carrillos, Costa Rica, Strong Missions is a Christian organization that specializes in serving and providing for the needs of low income Costa Rican individuals. Christopher Kellner, resident director at Waynesburg University, and Mary Cummings, senior vice president for Student Services and Enrollment, will serve as trip leaders.

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