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Fine Arts

Javier Flechas (Colombian Artist) Gallery Opening

Hosted by the Department of Fine Arts

This is the opening night for the art exhibit featuring Colombian artist, Javier Flechas.

This exhibit will be somewhat interactive and is a memorial celebration of life and death during the pandemic.

A quote from the artist about the featured work, A Long Etcetera:

"This work came when the pandemic began and forced us to lock ourselves in our homes. The big cities were transformed into huge detention centers and we became prisoners of our own homes. Some of us were even condemned to be absolutely alone, away from our loved ones, and it is there, in this scenario, that I decided to record it with my drawings, the size of this tragedy that at first was perceived as something foreign, but then became something personal.

Every night of that first month of confinement I sat in front of the television and while listening to the statistics, in which the count of the dead of that day was made. I drew frantically a garden that quickly grew in size. A garden where each flower gave a body to those numbers that the newscasts enunciated so coldly. A number that gave a title to each drawing and that in the end was summarized in an extensive area in which thousands of flowers were gathered in the same garden.

The day I finished this drawing there were more than 120,000 deaths in my country, most of them anonymous protagonists of a tragedy that has not had the mourning it deserves; a long etcetera that leaves faceless the pain of hundreds of people who have seen how death occurs not with the disappearance of bodies, but with the forgetfulness of the legacy that each one left."

The gallery is open to students, faculty, and staff as well as class visits. Visitors to campus can schedule a timed visit or tour by appointment.


Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment.

Attendees are invited to color in a flower in memoriam of someone they lost during the pandemic. A card will then be filled out for that person and placed under the work. For those not in attendance and unable to participate please click here to have someone color a flower for you.