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Safety and Security

The safety of the Waynesburg University community is our top priority.

Johnson Commons, an outdoor park area on the campus of Waynesburg University, in the spring

Our Department of Public Safety provides 24/7 campus coverage.

The small community atmosphere both within the university and the town of Waynesburg provide a pleasant and peaceful place to live. Even so, we remain cognizant of current challenges and wide-ranging safety concerns.

For emergency assistance, public safety personnel can always be reached by calling 724-852-3303 (campus extension 23303).  If a campus-wide emergency situation arises, we’re available to parents, community members, and students who want more information. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the public safety office with questions or concerns.

Quick Reference: Emergency Telephone Numbers

Waynesburg University Public Safety (24 Hours) 724-852-3303 or ext. 23303
Waynesburg University Switchboard (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. M-F; Summer hours end at 4) 724-627-8191
Waynesburg Borough Police Department 724-852-2911 or 724-627-8113
Waynesburg Volunteer Fire Department 724-627-5426 or 1-911

Students, be proactive. When you begin your journey here, take these steps:

Safety, Security, Emergencies, and Crisis Management

Security Operations and Emergency Management has a Director and Assistant Director who meet weekly with the Provost, and/or the Dept. of Public Safety, Facilities Operations, University Relations, Risk Management, Information Technology Services, and Senior Executive Staff to ensure that security plans, emergency response guidelines, and crisis management policies and safety protocols serve the University in the best way possible by protecting the campus community, the students, employees, visitors, events, and interests from all hazards and harm.  

Recent and on-going trainings for various University groups include:

  • Risk and Hazards Identification and Mitigation Training for staff and employees regarding all emerging threats or potential hazards to the University;
  • Title IX Training for all employees and all student athletes;
  • Collaborative "All Hands" Field Training Exercises in active shooter, HAZMAT and workplace violence, with law enforcement and first responders; and
  • Required ITS Cyber Security Training for all employees, and new multi-factor authentication for verified access to University email and systems.

Proactive Planning

Waynesburg University's Comprehensive Security Operations Plan and Emergency Response Guide is updated yearly. In addition, the University issues an Emergency Response Quick Reference Flip Chart Guide, which is distributed campus-wide.

The Department of Public Safety 

Waynesburg University has trained, professional, Act 120 or Act 235 certified Public Safety Officers with its Department of Public Safety. These uniformed officers are present on campus and at all on-campus events. 

While employed at Waynesburg University, Public Safety Officers receive continuing education in  C.P.R./First Aid, University Policies and Procedures, Emergency Procedures for coordination with maintenance, fire, police, and medical assistance. They also receive training on issues typical of university campuses. The Director of Public Safety supervises all public safety personnel and is available at any time, serving as the liaison between the University and the state and local police departments.

The Director of Public Safety works closely with the Waynesburg Borough Police Department and the Pennsylvania State Police Department. The Public Safety Office and personnel always cooperate with any state police agency and maintain an excellent working relationship with the Waynesburg Borough Police. If a situation requires assistance, local or state police may be called to campus.

If you are faced with an emergency...

It is helpful to be proactive and familiar with the information below in the event you are faced with an emergent situation. Waynesburg University has resources and support in place for mental health emergencies and for any victim of sexual assault. 

Cancellation and Closures

In the event of an emergency requiring the cancellation of classes or closure of the campus, alerts will be sent out via the Everbridge Emergency Alert System and will be posted on as soon as possible. 

Through a comprehensive approach beginning 48 hours ahead of predicted weather events, the University's Weather Team closely monitors impending storms and inclement weather and advises chief decision makers on closures and cancellations. The Team has representatives monitoring conditions on-campus and in the surrounding region and also utilizes a Weather Sentry app, which provides alerts regarding dangers including lightning, wind, storms, and severe heat, etc.