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Career changes & COVID-19: Prepare to adapt, consider remote opportunities

Sarah Bell Mar 30, 2020

The workforce is undeniably changing because of the coronavirus. The economy has been impacted, many employers are operating remotely, and some previously-guaranteed internships are no longer available. Now is not the time to panic, but preparation and adaptability are vital.  The below tips and remote work guide are meant to serve as job and internship resources for students and alumni who are searching for jobs or who have to reconsider employment options in light of COVID- 19. Though you may need to realign expectations, it does not mean that opportunities are nonexistent. Career and job market experts agree that to advance your job and internship search, you will need to:

1. Prioritize Self Care & Prepare to Shift Your Mindset

This is an emotional, unpredictable time for job seekers. Searching for jobs and internships can feel like a full-time job. Take care of yourself during this process - exercise, check in with people, wash your hands, and identify ways to shift your mindset. Change your mentality to understand that you might have to compromise or shift to your Plan B or Plan C - and that is okay!

2. Check Your Assumptions & Focus on Competencies

Look at what you do know about COVID-19 and the job market. We know there will be an impact. We know that hiring may take longer as HR managers transition to remote work. We also know that transferable skills are more vital than ever and that there will be remote work opportunities available. You can - and might need to - be opportunistic by adapting to meet the needs of employers. Focus less on your major and more on those transferable competencies that will land you a job!

3. Develop Habits & Routines During Your Job and Internship Search

We're all trying to navigate a new, mostly-remote landscape. Developing habits as you search for openings (especially as you try to balance this with online classes and more) is so important. Set aside time each day to focus on your job or internship search. Forming habits now will help you avoid decision fatigue later.

4. Network, Network, Network

According to BridgePath Career Advisors, 75% of jobs are earned through networking. It is more important than ever to take advantage of networking opportunities. Attend virtual information sessions, follow-up with presenters, inquire about informational interviews - whatever you can think of to network in this online landscape. 

Remote Job & Internship Resources

To download the above tips and remote work resources, click the link below. This document includes: virtual internship websites, remote work websites, tips and best practices, and additional resources.