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Senior Reflection: Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly Jan 5, 2024
Samantha Kelly
The Officers of the Forensic Science Club, as well as some of my
closest friends, after our annual Haunted Lab!

I did not choose what career I wanted to pursue until my junior year of high school. After finally believing that a job in law enforcement was what I wanted to do, I started finding schools with great Criminal Justice programs, and Waynesburg was one of the very best!

I had already recognized the name of the school as the head coach of the Track and Field team, Coach Hardie, had already sent me a few letters of encouragement to choose Waynesburg and be a part of the amazing team there. After a visit to campus, I was certain that this place was where I was meant to go.

Thankfully, I got to go to Acceptance Day before COVID-19 came into effect where I got to meet some of my future teammates, my amazing roommate of now four years, and a friend that I know I will have the rest of my life.

When I first started at Waynesburg, it was right after COVID-19 had shut down the world, so not a lot was happening for new freshmen like myself. I spent much of my first semester in my dorm because there was not much to truly do on campus, and socialization was not really encouraged at the time. I was glad for the people I met beforehand and the XC team.

As the semesters started rolling through things began to open up, and I became involved in so many more activities. I was able to join different clubs including the Psych Club, Forensic Science Club, and even Sting Swing! Participating in all the fun activities, like the Boardwalk or Bingo nights, that Waynesburg had to offer made the college experience more fun!

Along with all the fun I was having with my sport and clubs, my academics were also a blast as well. I loved my major from the moment I stepped into it and have enjoyed almost every class I have had! In this department, I have learned so much about the career I wish to go into which has me ecstatic to move forward in my pursuit of a job in law enforcement. All of my professors were eager to teach and really pushed me to reach my full potential.

Now, while people may have said I was crazy for doing so, I did add on one or two, or maybe three, other minors on top of my major. While it may seem like a lot to major in Criminal Justice while minoring in Psychology, Sociology, and Child Development, all of the classes that I have had helped give me a better understanding of the different aspects of the career I chose and will be beneficial moving towards my ultimate goal later on.

Waynesburg University has given me the opportunity to explore different job opportunities, internships, and volunteering that have helped me grow as a person. From working at Eberly Library each semester to volunteering at Domestic Violence Services during my final year, I am so thankful for the experiences I was able to have.

At school, I was able to learn a lot about people as well as myself and can give the advice to not take life for granted. My time at Waynesburg could have been so different if I had not pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried new things. No one knows how much time we have, but these four years went by in a second, so do not waste it.

Growing up, you always heard that your college years were going to be some of the best years of your life. Now that I have lived through mine, I can agree and disagree with this statement. While these past four years have brought with them some of my fondest memories, great opportunities for my future career, and wonderful friendships, it also has gotten me so excited for what my next step in life might entail.

While pursuing the perfect department and looking forward to going into the police academy, I am currently enrolled in Waynesburg’s Criminal Investigation Master’s Program. I am hoping that the extra degree will give me a leg up on the competition!

In this, I want to thank those who helped me get to where I am, including my friends, coaches, family, and all my professors who supported me through all my years here at Waynesburg. I hope that Waynesburg pushes you to your highest potential as I believe it did for me, and I hope that you enjoy the time you are here because you never know when you will be the one writing your senior reflection next and looking back at the four years that defined you.