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Stover Scholars present Constitution Day film

Rachel Pellegrino Sep 17, 2021

The Waynesburg University Stover Scholars announce the completion of their “The Rights That Are Ours: The Story of the Bill of Rights” video production in celebration of Constitution Day, Friday, Sept. 17.

The film can be viewed below:

“Constitution Day provides the Stover Scholars the opportunity to annually thoroughly examine an aspect of America’s constitutional tradition and creatively share their insights with the Waynesburg University community,” said Dr. Lawrence M. Stratton, Director of the Stover Center and Associate Professor of Ethics and Constitutional Law.

This year’s Constitution Day Film will tell the story of the Bill of Rights. The drama will examine the ten amendments in their entirety: where the rights came from, what they were meant to do, what they mean and how they affect our lives today.

The film was directed and scripted by a committee chaired by Elliott Kimball, a junior history major, and Rebecca Shank, a junior psychology major, along with Alexandra Morar, a senior political science major, and Ethan Lown, a junior pre-law major. The executive producer of the film was Lachlan Loudon, a senior journalism and electronic media major.

The full cast list includes:

  • Kaylee Boll, freshman nursing major - John Lansing; 5th Amendment Scene – Person 2
  • Luke Diel, senior sociology (political science) major - George Washington; 8th Amendment Scene – Steven
  • Cannon Hay, senior marketing major - 7th Amendment Scene – Person 2; 10th Amendment Scene – Person 2
  • Elliott Kimball, junior history major - Alexander Hamilton; 1st Amendment Scene – Person 2
  • Ethan Lown, junior sociology (political science) major - Robert Yates; 1st Amendment Scene – Person 1
  • Ryan McCann, senior sociology (political science) major - 6th Amendment – Person 2; 8th Amendment – Person 1
  • Alexandra Morar, senior sociology (political science) major - James Madison; 2nd Amendment – Person 3
  • George Morar, sophomore sociology (political science) major - 1st Narration; Richard Henry Lee; 4th Amendment Scene – Person 1
  • Jacob Nicholas, senior finance major - Peter Yates
  • Jason Polgar, freshman sociology (political science) major -  2nd Narration; 4th Narration; 3rd Amendment – Person 1
  • Caroline Poole, freshman early childhood education major - 3rd Narration; 5th Narration; 9th Amendment Scene – Person 1
  • Anna Rape, freshman psychology major - Storyteller’s Friend; 3rd Amendment Scene – Wife
  • Corey Richardson, junior criminal justice administration major - 2nd Amendment Scene – Person 2; 7th Amendment Scene – Person
  • Bryce Ronk, freshman forensic science major - Roger Sherman; 4th Amendment Scene – Person 2
  • Rebecca Shank, junior psychology major - Narration for Proposals; Storyteller; Bill of Rights Rhyming Outro Narration
  • Kimberly Trump, freshman sociology (political science) major - 2nd Amendment Scene – Person 1; 9th Amendment Scene – Person 2
  • Alexander Wees, senior biology major - 6th Amendment Scene – Person 1; 10th Amendment Scene – Person 1
  • William Wilson, freshman communication (electronic media) major - 5th Amendment Scene – Person 1
  • Tyler Wright, senior finance major - Thomas Jefferson

For more information, contact Dr. Stratton at or 724-852-7702.