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The Buzz

Welcome Back, Waynesburg!

Stefanie Wielkopolan Sep 15, 2023

As if the summer never happened, or passed by too quickly, we are back on campus, ready for a new semester. The Writing Center opens Monday, September 11.  As always, we are eager to meet with writers of all levels this semester and look forward to seeing new faces come through our door.

For those who are new on campus, you may be wondering what the Writing Center is and who it’s for. The Writing Center is for everyone and for any project or assignment that involves writing.

As Writing Center staff, we love words. We love to read, write, and talk about writing. We are so enthusiastic about words and writing that we want to share our passion with you! Sometimes, the Writing Center is misunderstood, and students don’t visit because they are convinced that the Writing Center is only for beginning writers, but it’s not true. We are here to help writers of all levels.

Another stigma we work hard to correct, is that if you’re sent to the Writing Center by a professor, you must be a bad writer. That assumption is totally not true. We all need help refining and strengthening our writing skills. From emerging writers wanting to gain more confidence in their skills to experienced writers wanting to dig deeper into their skill set and strengthen their writing, we are here for you. Plus, the WC has free coffee and snacks for visitors. Who doesn’t need a little sugar or coffee now and then?

We look forward to seeing you on the second floor of Eberly Library. We are open seven days a week this semester and are offering in-person and online sessions. You can make appointments on WCOnline at:

Happy Fall, Waynesburg!

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