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A component of Explore and Connect, Waynesburg University's general education curriculum

Explore and Connect

Develop your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills so you are able to excel wherever life takes you.

“Foundations” comprises the bulk of the new general education curriculum, designed to build the foundational skills of critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. Students explore written and oral communication; information and technological literacy; and quantitative and scientific reasoning. Students take one class in each category. 

Written Communication  How to speak to an audience and learn methods designed to enhance your ability to communicate ideas and information effectively.
Oral Communication How to examine and practice formal writing processes in to create well-thought and organized written responses with proper use of grammar and punctuation.
Information Literacy To craft an expert research narrative with critical arguments, with an emphasis on learning to develop guiding questions, to cite and vet sources, and to employ the practice of close reading.
Quantitative Reasoning How to use mathematical processes, models, and methods to solve problems, interpret data, and evaluate results.
Scientific Reasoning To think scientifically about problem-solving, using practical lab-based skills such as measuring, observing, and documenting.
Technological Literacy  To use technology solutions to enhance problem-solving and communicating, with an emphasis on AI, ethics, and digital security.