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PSY 295: The Happiness Lab

Mar 8, 2022

Course name: PSY 295:  The Happiness Lab

Instructor:  Mary Hamilla, Assistant Director of the Educational Enrichment Programs and Academic and Major Decision Counselor

This semester, I have seen myself grow in love, patience, understanding and joy..."

Charley Cribben

About the course: The Happiness Lab is a course in positive psychology, which grew out of research about what is RIGHT with people, rather than what is WRONG with them. Psychologists and neuroscientists have studied individuals who are exceptionally resilient, serene, healthy and HAPPY to learn why they exhibit those traits. There is a rich field of information available, scientifically verified over and over, of what constitutes a good life. 

The Happiness Lab is literally a course about living a good life! It incorporates a strong component of experiential learning. Positive psychology is internalized through practice; it is in the doing that it comes alive. Students “practice” becoming more fulfilled, connected, present, and happy!  (Students enjoy their homework!)

Instructor commentary:  "The beauty of teaching this course is that I experience all of the benefits that each of my students enjoy.  Each time I prepare a topic, I am diving into best happiness practices (flow, mindfulness, compassion, excellence, purpose and many more).  Each time I observe students in action or review their work, I enjoy their experience right along with them. It is a deep pleasure to watch students learn to thrive and flourish!"

Student commentary: “I am now a firm believer that showing gratitude privately and to others is a life changing mindset. This semester, I have seen myself grow in love, patience, understanding and joy […]  I am so grateful for the opportunity to take this class and for all of the amazing practices that I have learned. I feel more empowered and happier.” - Charley Cribben, criminal justice administration major from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania 

“This class is not only very educational, but it also helped me feel more confident when talking to others I may not know. I have made so many friends in this class, while also learning about what it means to be happy. I highly recommend taking this class if you want something completely different and unique.” - Lauren Royesky, psychology major from Uniontown, Pennsylvania

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