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Campus News

Senior nursing students present Campus Wellness Initiative

Micah Leith Nov 22, 2021

Senior nursing students enrolled in NUR 419: Clinical Prevention and Population Health have led a series of health and wellness offerings for the campus community throughout the fall semester in conjunction with the Nursing Program’s Campus Wellness Initiative.

NUR 419 offers students ways through which they can apply concepts such as the prevention of diseases and illnesses to a group or community to improve health, and the Campus Wellness Initiative provides students the opportunity to apply that education to a practical outcome.

“The senior nursing students in NUR 419 are learning how to provide health education to a variety of community residents with the goal of health and wellness promotion and disease prevention,” said Jill Dattis, instructor of nursing. “The Campus Wellness Initiative is something that the senior nursing students have been doing in the fall and spring semesters for years.”

Although the Campus Wellness Initiative has traditionally been held through in-person events, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated an adjustment to an online format. Students that participated in the event prepared brief educational presentations and an assessment that were delivered via Microsoft Teams. The information was oriented specifically towards college students and was based on scientific research.

Students presented on various topics, including the importance of sleep and healthy eating, dealing with anxiety and stress, being aware of the dangers of drunk driving and understanding several different elements of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Dattis and Dr. Sara Clutter, professor of nursing, were involved with coaching and leading the students of NUR 419.

Waynesburg University’s Nursing Program has recently been ranked as the top program in Pennsylvania by Nursing Schools Almanac and has received nationwide recognition by organizations such as Scrubs and Beyond.

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