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Disability Procedures

Follow these guidelines to request accommodations

General Procedures for Requesting Accommodation

Students requesting accommodations must contact the Disability Services Office and present appropriate documentation of a disability. Documentation must be current, in most cases within three (3) years of the date of the request, and must be submitted by a qualified practitioner. All reports should be formally prepared on letterhead, typed, dated, signed, and otherwise legible.

Documentation of a student’s disability should include :

  • a diagnostic statement of disability, including the date of the most recent evaluation;
  • the current impact of (or limitations imposed by) the student’s disability;
  • treatments, medications, devices or services currently prescribed or used to minimize the impact of the condition; and
  • the expected duration, stability or progression of the disability.

In addition to the basic documentation listed above, recommendations from the treating professional are welcome and will be given consideration in evaluating a request. Recommendations should:

  • Provide a clear description of the recommended accommodation.
  • Connect the recommended accommodation to the impact of the disability.
  • Provide possible alternatives to the recommended accommodation.
  • Include a statement of the level of need for (or consequences of not receiving) the recommended accommodation.

The Director of Disability Services will verify the disability and determine how the functional limitations claimed will affect academic work. This is accomplished through discussion with the student and review of the documentation. Students with insufficient documentation may be referred outside of the University for complete assessment before an accommodation is granted. Costs for assessment are the responsibility of the student.

After the disability and its functional limitations are verified, the Director of Disability Services will provide the student with information about the various reasonable accommodations that address the student’s functional limitations. Reasonable accommodations depend upon the nature and degree of severity of the documented disability. No one particular accommodation must be granted if the University determines that it is not reasonable, is unduly burdensome, and/or that other suitable accommodations are available.

The student and the Director of Disability Services will complete an Accommodations Request Form for each course in which the student is requesting an accommodation. The student is required to present the Accommodations Request Form to the instructor(s) of the course in which the accommodation is requested. The student and the instructor(s) will discuss the accommodation requested and decide how it will best be accomplished. The instructor(s) must sign the Accommodations Request Form, and the student must return it to the Disability Services Office before an accommodation will be approved.

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