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Human Services, BA or BS

Advocate for a diverse range of community populations and spark meaningful dialogue between them all.


Through in-depth classroom exploration and important hands-on experience, deepen your understanding of how to turn social challenges into opportunities for growth.

We offer two degree options for human services majors. The Bachelor of Arts programs emphasize educational and social science course content, while the Bachelor of Science program draws from a number of applied science disciplines to provide a comprehensive health approach to human services.
Both degree paths will prepare you for positions in a wide variety of community service, school, corrections, and rehabilitation settings. This program will set you up for graduate studies in human services, social work, counseling, sociology, human resources, and law.


Bachelor of Science Option

The human services major offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program that provides graduates with opportunities to stand out in a competitive job market. Students study science courses in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, and more. They complete an additional 48 credits from a variety of departments to round out the sciences.

Education Option

As a human services major with an option in education, students complete required courses in early childhood development, atypical development, teaching as a profession, American national government, societies, social problems and exceptional individuals. They choose an additional 48 credits from a variety of departments to complete their bachelor of arts degree.

Social Science Option

As a human services major with an option in social science, student complete required courses in biology, accounting, management, finance, human resources management, professional speaking and writing, grants writing and research, a number of sociology classes and more. Students aiming to obtain this bachelor of arts degree will complete an internship in the field.

Counseling Minor

Supplement your education through exposure to counseling models that emphasize cultural competency using a wellness approach. Develop a service-oriented and philosophical view that will set you apart. 
Requirements: 21 credits

Academic Catalog

Need to find a course description or review your degree requirements? View the current online catalog at the link below.